Thursday, November 06, 2014

October in Review

October 2014 was a busy and fun month! Here are some pictures from all the fun events we enjoyed.

We had our very first broken bone 😔! I never would've predicted Ally would break a bone before one of her brothers had! She was running through the house carrying applesauce packets in each hand and slipped on the cuff of her pajama pants.

She actually took her first cast off on the way home from
Urgent Care, then got a red one Halloween evening thanks to her aunt/dr Rachel and Uncle Casey who did an impressive job. But sneaky Ally pulled that one off the next morning, she's a lefty and really wants to use that hand. So then we went to the orthopedist, they had to go over her elbow to keep her from removing cast #3. Crazy girl!

She's been all smiles throughout the whole ordeal. I'm thankful she didn't suffer too much pain!

You can't see the break in this view but since this was done on Halloween and was the cutest little skeleton hands ever, I had to post it ;-)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Southwest Classic Weekend

I'm so behind on blogging but instead of playing catch up today I'll post about this past weekend. Ally and I went to Dallas with my family for the Aggies' matchup against Arkansas in the Southwest Classic at Jerryworld.

We got to town on Friday and met up with everyone at Pappasito's for dinner.

Since Adam & Andrew had their first soccer game, Kenny stayed home with them and I was able to take my friends Rebecca & Allison in his place to the game and enjoy some girl time. (Aunt Amy kept Ally during the game so I got to enjoy the game kid-free)

My cousin Katie and I, she came in from Denver to attend the game

Me and My sweet Mama. I love her SO much!!

The whole crew after our comeback victory

Ally had a blast hanging out with Aunt Amy during the day. She got to go to Build a Bear and made this friend they named "Magic-Gator". Thanks Amy for making her day so special :-)!

The boys had a great first soccer game with their team Thunder. They won 4-0!

It was a really fun weekend!