Friday, August 04, 2006

How We Found Out

Kenny & I went in on July 17th for our first ultrasound at 6 weeks along. I was so anxious to know there was really a baby in there and that it was in the right place and not ectopic or all the other things that can go wrong in the early stages. The doctor began the u/s and didn't say a word for the longest time, between 5-10 minutes. Kenny & I were both getting nervous with the silence and I was terrified that she couldn't find anything.

Finally she said "Well......It looks like you're having twins!" In shock I just said "What?? Really???" I was so happy I just started to cry and I never cry! As we listened to each baby's heart beat the tears just kept coming and I kept saying "I'm so happy" over and over. All the while, Kenny never said a word! Finally the light came back on and he said very matter of fact "So now I guess we have to come up with 2 names." And that was the first thing he said, too funny.

We wanted to share the news immediately with everyone we know but the doctor advised us to hold off until we saw them again and we knew they were progressing normally as often one twin will "vanish" in the early weeks of a twin pregnancy. Praise the Lord that ours are both still there as we love them both so much already!!

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Lise said...

So, do you have any names in mind yet???