Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fun Fun Fun !!!

Tomorrow is our big u/s to see if it's 2 boys or boy/girl. Of course I'm expecting 2 boys after the last u/s but I'm dying to know for sure.

The fun baby stuff has begun! My mom, sister, and mom-in-law went shopping in Houston on Saturday and one of the stores actually had the cribs I wanted in stock. So to my delight, instead of waiting 12 weeks like one store said, we left with a crib in the back of the suburban. Only one would fit so we have to return for the other one.

Of course I wanted to set it up immediately but Kenny thinks we can wait until January, which I replied was CRAZY since the babies could be here early but hopefully not until Feb 11th. And I will be HUGE and unable to participate in the nursery decorating by then. Plus my mom is making the bedding and needs a crib to measure. Boys are too funny, I think he wants to pretend that things aren't going to change around here for as long as he can!

This is a picture of the crib we got but ours are in the dark cherry color rather than black. I'm going to have KMC make the accessories so they will be better quality and more affordable.

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