Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Karate Kicks

I'm excited to tell you that the babies are now quite active!! They pretty much skipped the soft fluttering movement stage and went straight to forceful kicks that have been felt by both Kenny and their Aunt Dana. All the movement is on my right side so I'm not sure if that's one really strong baby or if they are both on that one side. I do feel a bit lop-sided in my tummy toward the right so maybe they are both over there snuggled up together.

In any case I have a pretty good feeling that these babies have inherited their daddy's large feet (size 13!!), considering that their movements can be felt externally within days of my first feeling them internally. Some of you know that Kenny has a black belt in karate and I think these babies are already working on their moves. To think they are only 6 inches long each but their kicks shake my whole side!

Feeling them move is by far the coolest thing so far!!!

Here is a photo of my adorable twin stroller I got on ebay brand new for next to nothing. Kenny says I'm crazy but I love to look at it and imagine when it will carry the Bolline Babies around town.

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Lainey Bug said...

That's so amazing! My mom says she can't imagine carrying twins! Its fun to read about what it is like. Great news about Jeannie, huh!