Thursday, November 02, 2006

Making Progress

That's right!! Kenny did get one of the cribs put together this past weekend. It is so adorable, I just love it and the way it looks against the green walls. Neither crib came with a full set of hardware and so we only had enough between the two to get one put together and we'll have to call the store to get more pieces to finish the other one. What are the odds they mess up two crib sets and we'd get both of them!!

Getting the nursery together is a blast. Just about everything else you see in this photo is going to go at some point and is just left over from how we had the room set up before, except for the cases of diapers I'm stocking up on ;-).


John Stanley III said...

That room looks great!! Can I come live there?

Anonymous said...

Hey you only got to cribs with missing parts when i got my quad's cribs we ended up with 20+ due to cracked wood, missing parts. You name it it was mising from at least 2 sets.