Thursday, November 09, 2006


I'm anxiously awaiting Kenny's return tomorrow from his trip. He is scheduled to just pass through but may just come home to stay if I'm not doing any better though I hate for him to have to change his schedule up.

I went to that specialist this morning and he said I have some sort of injury/irritation where two of my ribs connect to my spine and this is causing a muscle to spasm down the length of my back. Since I'm pregnant there is very little that can be done such as steroid treatments, etc. He did give me about 10 lidocaine injections directly into the spasm using this radio frequency machine to isolate the specific muscle.

It was pretty unpleasant to say the least but if it helps it will have been well worth it. The injections will only last a few days so I'm following up with topical lidocaine patches and may go back for another round of shots if they seem to help, plus I'll continue the twice weekly physical therapy. So far the shots seem to be helping in some areas but I don't think he covered the entire muscle because certain places actually feel worse, perhaps that's just soreness that will go away I hope.

Thanks for your continued prayers and encouragement, I'm blessed to be surrounded by such great people =-). Especially Dana & Shawn for bringing me dinner and groceries, what a big help!

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