Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Boys Are Growing Up!!

Have you ever met a 3 month old that weighed 5 and half pounds? Andrew & Adam will be three months old tomorrow and a week and a half from their due date. That may not sound very big but today they wore newborn size clothes for the very first time and will soon be out of preemie clothes and diapers!! It's amazing how fast babies grow. I will miss the cute tiny clothes but I'm so glad they are becoming more healthy every day. Today we went to get blood work done and the boys were so good and hardly cried but for a second. The blood work came back and everything looked great, the boys anemia is under control and their electrolytes were normal.

Mommy is starting lose stamina some, I think I was running on adrenalen those first two weeks and now I'm starting to crash a lot more often. Here are a few pictures from the last few days.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

God is Good

Good news about the eyes =-). Andrew's eyes are actually improving!! And Adam's eyes are very stable, which is also good because the longer it's stable the less likely the ROP will become severe. The doctor was very pleased and said that he wasn't going to make any promises but he felt like it was unlikely that they boys would have impaired vision from ROP. He said if they have visual problems it would likely be the result of the brain bleeds and not ROP. So we will continue to go back for routine visits at least every other week until they reach 45 weeks gestation when their retinas will be considered mature and much less likely to detach.

Thanks for all the prayers!! Glory be to God!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Eye Exams

Tomorrow we head back to Houston for the boys' follow up eye exam to check on the ROP. Please pray that the ROP is regressing, that the boys will not need to have eye surgery, and that their vision would be protected.

Here are a few photos from bath time and also of the boys with NOTHING on their faces while we changed out their canulas =-), Love those Cheeks!.


(Thanks to the Tucker Gallagher Family for the ADORABLE outfits!)

Friday, February 23, 2007

My Babies are 12 Weeks Old!!!!!

They aren't supposed to be born for another two weeks but Andrew & Adam are now 12 weeks old!! Looking back at them compared to the marker you can see they've come such a long way!
for miracles!!

Andrew at 1 Week, 6 Weeks, & 12 Weeks

Adam at 1 Week, 6 Weeks, & 12 Weeks

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Photo Shoot

The boys had a nice bath so I decided to dress them up in their green and blue outfits and take their pictures in their green and blue nursery. I got some cute ones but not quite the perfect shot I was hoping for. Adam had "other things" on his mind as you can see the way he's grabbing at the pacifier and trying to "nurse" on Andrew's shoulder in one shot. That's too bad because he's outgrown this little outfit and probably won't be able to wear it again. You can see his cute little "milk belly" hanging out in some of the shots. Andrew however was in good spirits and seemed pretty relaxed while getting his picture taken. They are just too cute and I'm having a blast with them!

Check Up

The boys went to their pediatrician for the first time this morning. He said they looked exceptionally well for all they had been through and was very pleased with their progress and weight gain since their release from the NICU. They both got the Rotavirus vaccine which is oral instead of injection so that was nice. They go next week to get some lab work done to check their electrolyte levels.

Weight Check: Adam now weighs 5 lbs 7 oz and
Andrew now weighs 5 lbs!!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Family Time

Adam looks so tiny all by himself in the bouncey seat.

So Andrew joined him, so much better with your brother=-)!

Jacob, Carly, Wesley, & Ryan, Thank you for the sweet duckies with our names on them! Love, Andrew & Adam

Images from Grand Central Station

I've been awake now for 19 hours and I have three more to go before my shift is up. Then I will crash and sleep until I can't sleep anymore! While the boys have both been angels and have cried very little, it's been very labor intensive around here because of all the medicines, feedings, and outfit changings (the diuretics that the boys are on make for lots of wet clothes and unhappy boys!) I fortunately did get a good five hours of sleep in a row last night, thank goodness for grandmas, Kenny and I wouldn't be able to survive without them!!

Why aren't I sleeping between feedings and changings you are probably asking?? Well many who know me well know that I'm a chronic insomniac and have a very difficult time falling asleep and it's only that much harder to fall asleep under the pressure of knowing you only have 45 minutes to an hour before it's time to start all over. But I'm thinking that eventually I'll be so tired that I'll be able to overcome that problem and fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. We shall see, otherwise I may begin to look like a zombie in all the photos.

But are they worth it?? ABSOLUTELY =-)!!!

We are finally "home" home after spending the last few nights at my parents house. All our thoughts of keeping the boys in their nursery or our bedroom in these early days have gone out the window. Since it takes at least two people to feed and change them and those two people can't be the same two people for 24 hours a day and the babies are extremely immobile due to the monitors and the giant LOUD oxygen monsters, I mean machines (the gray trash can looking thingies in the photo below), we decided to turn the living room into grand central station for the twins. Plenty of couch space for napping and holding babies as well as a tv for keeping the adults sane, and we turned the coffee table and sofa table into changing and feeding stations. Now if we could only come up with a way to keep the babies' tubes, wires, and extension cords from becoming a gigantic tangle on the floor.