Saturday, May 31, 2008

Concert in the Park

This evening we took the babies to the Starlight Music Series in the park. It was fun and a nice way to get out of the house. The weather was pleasant and the music was great! The only bad part is that it actually starts much later than advertised so we had a difficult time entertaining the babies while we waited. Well next time we'll know better than to get there too early.

Guys & Dolls
Here are some pictures from speech therapy that I will save for future black mail ;-). They were learning to follow directions and role play. Andrew was good at "feeding the baby & loving the baby". He'll be a good Daddy someday! Adam didn't want to "feed the baby", he prefers to feed only himself ;-) but he was good at "loving the baby" right until he threw it across the room ;-)!

Where's Andrew??

There he is!!

This is my new favorite purchase, a sling display bookshelf from OneStepAhead. I accessed their site from Ebates and earned 6% cash back. Then I got an additional 15% off using a coupon code from Retail Me Not.

I was tired of tripping over piles of books every where and annoyed by the book baskets that don't show all the books so you end up reading the ones on top over and over again. So nice and organized now! It is very sturdy and good quality, easy to put together, and has two large toy storage cubbies at the bottom.

Random Image: I was laughing at this cute photo on my wall earlier and I realized that very few people have seen it because I didn't take it and I wanted to share. It's of the boys' in their monkey costumes from last fall. I always smile when I pass by it. Andrew totally sacked out and Adam was not far behind.

Anyway, enough random thoughts for one day.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pacifier Cold Turkey Day 4

Pacifiers?? What Pacifiers??
I'm shocked that this pacifier weaning has gone so smooth and easily. I think the timing has been perfect because with swimming everyday the boys are so tired that they don't seem to notice the pacifiers are missing. It's almost like they've forgotten them, almost ;-). If you are thinking of weaning from a pacifier I definitely think Cold Turkey is the way to go.

Pictures from swimming. The boys are doing really well and making progress every day.

Check this out:
This is one of our fellow students during his "final exam". This involves a simulated pool accident where the child is placed in the pool completely clothed, diaper, & shoes. This little boy is 18 months old and has been taking classes for 5 weeks. He immediately popped to the surface and floated for several minutes and then they repeated the scenerio a few different ways. He also swam to the side and if he couldn't make it he'd flip over and rest and then swim some more. I was so impressed I asked his mom if I could take his picture. He was amazing!!

Well, so much for that

Ughh. So I drag Andrew across town and we go in to the doctor's office and they tell me that the GI came yesterday. And they accidentally put the wrong date on everyone's appt letters and called all the parents to tell them the error except for me. I was the lucky one that got missed. And why they didn't think to call me yesterday when we were a no show, I have no idea, if they'd called we probably could have made it over.

So . . . . now poor Andrew has to wait until the middle of June for the next available slot.

GI Today

Today is Andrew's long awaited appt with the pediatric gastrointerologist from Texas Children's. Fortunately he's holding clinic at our local pedi's office so we don't actually have to drive to Houston!

Andrew is still having his night time vomiting episodes a few times a week that make me very nervous and hopefully we can get to the bottom of it. I'm so paranoid that he's going to choke himself because unless he coughs violently beforehand we usually don't even know it's happened until the next morning. Poor baby.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pacifier Cold Turkey Day 2

Well things here are going pretty well and I'm happy to say we are still pacifier free! The boys slept all night without problem and did well in the car to Magnolia and back for swimming. Nap time was a little harder for Adam today than yesterday and he was sad but eventually gave in to sleep. Bed time tonight was a snap and both boys were sound asleep within 20 minutes of lights out!! Thanks for all the encouragement!

Dressed in Red White and Blue for Memorial Day

Not to be outdone by his younger brother, Andrew peed & pooped on the potty! He earned himself two jelly bean halves ;-)

Temptation Told Through Pictures ;-)

Daddy took us to the new Atami Hibachi Japanese restaurant. It was an exciting adventure and awesome food! Adam was a little scared of the giant fire ball but otherwise he had a blast.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Pacifier Cold Turkey Day 1

So today we decided to wean the babies from their pacifiers completely, cold turkey. Andrew is not really addicted to his and mainly I give him one so he won't take Adam's. Adam on the other hand is very addicted to the paci. Which is quite ironic because he wasn't able to even keep one in his mouth until he was nine months old due to a tongue thrusting issue ;-). For the last few weeks I had limited them to using them in the car and in the crib but they were still getting their hands on them. Then last night I was thinking that I needed to buy some more because Pack Rat Adam has been hiding them again and we were running low. Then I had a moment of clarity and I thought to myself "they are about to be 18 months old and the longer we wait the harder it will be". I really don't want them to be able to ask for it by name and with the way their verbal skills are growing that might not be too far off.

So as of first thing this morning, there are no pacifiers. I found all the ones that I could and I packed them into a plastic bag and hid them. The car ride to Magnolia was our first big test because they get restless in the car and also nap on the way home. But I kept them distracted with singing and they fell asleep with minimal whining. Then came the big after lunch nap. Andrew went down with no problem but Adam was very displeased. I had to go in and comfort him several times and then after some tuff mama love he went to sleep and napped for a long time.

I was really anxious about Adam & bedtime after how he had fussed for his nap. Well much to my surprise, there was NO fussing, crying, or whining at bedtime!! Instead I could hear the boys giggling and chatting. One of the cool things about having twins is how they interact. They were playing the Uh-Oh game where one of them says uh-oh and then the other one throws something out of his crib and they both die laughing. This went on for nearly an hour and then all of the sudden they went quiet! I can't believe it. Hopefully pacifiers out of sight will be out of mind, though I'm worried Adam will start having withdrawels tomorrow!

If you think I'm a meanie for making them give up the pacifiers just know that I personally feel it's in their best interest to do it now rather than later (when they've fully mastered the 2 year old tantrum), not only so they learn to self soothe and fall asleep on their own but also for the development of their speech which was brought up by their speech language pathologist. But it is a little sad because for it to work there is really no looking back. Since Adam tends to be quite the whiner it's always tempting to us to just "plug him up". I'm sure there will be a time in the near future when we are out shopping or dining and I'm really going to wish I had a pacifier to pacify with, not looking forward to that!

I hope we can stay strong on this one, I'll keep you posted.

Pacifiers Anonymous, Who Me??

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I love my twins!

Oops, mama closed her eyes!

Saturday we went to Benjamin's 1st Birthday Party

Andrew loved "Uncle Norvie's" facial hair!

Then we spent the afternoon with family at the pool

Andrew loves the water and he's fearless!

He makes me so nervous and strangely he seems to like putting his face under the water. Good thing he's taking swim lessons because he knows to hold his breath well when he goes under. We can't take our eyes off him for a second. I'm so glad he loves the water because it's wonderful therapy for his body.

Adam's favorite pool activity was eating frito's while sitting in the water. Look, he's finally growing some hair, yay!

Granny's fake owl was creepy!