Sunday, July 13, 2008

Because I want to remember . . .

This post is for me. These are the things that the boys are doing at 19 months that are cute, quirky, or funny to their Mama:
  • Adam is becoming such a little ham, he's constantly talking now even though no one but him knows what he's saying, while in CO he would go in the shower, sit on the floor, gesture wildly with his hands and give some dramatic speech in Adamese for a good 20 minutes straight. I guess he liked the sound of his voice with the shower's echo ;-).
  • Both boys have discovered a deep love for Oreo cookies and if they see the package across the room Andrew will shout "Cooookie Coooookie Coooookie" and point at it and Adam will say in his Darth Vador voice "CaCAAA CaCAA" which is his version of cookie which also means cracker. And no matter how many times we say it to him correctly he repeats it back the same incorrect way.
  • Another funny thing about Adam's version of cookie is that it sounds just like a bad word in Spanish and Granny who is so sweet and innocent did not know this so we died laughing when she and Adam were saying his version of cookie over and over really loudly in public places. Don't worry I filled her in that his "cookie" has another not so pleasant meaning.
  • Andrew is very obsessed with balls and balloons which he calls both "ball!" and he can spot a balloon a mile away, especially ones that have escaped and are resting in the rafters. It's funny all the things that he thinks are balls from street lights to my earrings to the tiny moon on granny's coffee mug. He will point enthusiastically at every "ball" that he sees until you acknowledge his sighting.
  • Adam has an odd fascination with belly buttons I think this was caused by the bedtime lift-flap book "Where is Baby's Bellybutton?". But even odder is that he thinks "Baby" is the word for belly button and so you can imagine Kenny's shock and look of fear when Adam tried to lift my shirt, pointed at my stomach and said "Baby!!". We've almost stopped his habit of trying to lift up other people's shirts and so now he just identifies his own "baby" er I mean belly button ;-).
  • Adam loves to walk around and say "Hi" to anything and anyone whether it be his brother, his reflection in the window, or every single person shopping in Target. The funny thing is he says it in the funniest high pitch breathy voice. Even funnier is when he says it to Aunt Dana, he looks back over his shoulder, smiles and lifts his shoulder to his ear as he says Hi. Very bizarre. I have a video of this that's quite funny.
  • Andrew is very serious when he annunciates his favorite word "uh oh". I think he's a bit confused to the meaning because he usually uses it prematurely before he does something he knows he's not supposed to do.
  • Adam's brain seems to have it's own way of processing language right now to where he thinks almost every word ends with an "eee". For example if you say "uh oh" he repeats back to you "uh eee", regardless of how many times you repeat this it's always the same. Instead of "Pa" he says "Pee". So I guess Pa is now "Pee Daddy". Instead of "E I E I Oh" Adam sings "I E I E I Eeeee". But like I said earlier, a word that actually ends in that sound "Cookie" is "Ca Caaa", go figure.
  • They are the most enthusiastic clappers. When Andrew takes a step and we say "Yay!" both boys will pause and give an enthusiastic applause. If you start to sing "If you're ha . . . ." before you even get out the word "happy" they will be clapping.
  • I must say "yeah" way too much because whenever the boys hear it, especially Adam, they say "yeah" also. And they'll often answer questions to them or others with "yeah" before it's even been said. For instance I asked Kenny if Adam was stinky and Adam says "yea".
  • Both boys have developed a courtesy/social laugh of "Ha ha ha ha" and they know exactly when to use it. If one of us laughs because we think something is funny, they join in. Pa has a very dry witty sense of humor and Adam can tell when he's making a joke just by the tone of his voice and is usually the first one to laugh before the rest of us "get it".
  • I love it when the boys play peek a boo. They really have no idea that you can still see them. They get so excited when they think the are hiding under a blanket or curtain and they squeal and kick their legs really fast, this really make me laugh.
  • I have no idea where Adam has picked up his new favorite sound, it's definitely not English. It sounds like something a chicken would say "Pa Kaaa" or sometimes "Picka Picka Pa Kaaaa". It's the strangest sound ever and he says it constantly.

Where do little ones come up with this stuff? I have no idea but it sure is entertaining for me =-).


Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsey,

I came across your blog shortly after my twin girls arrived and I enjoy checking in from time to time to see how you and your amazing sons are doing. I have a question for you - I remember seeing some really cute chairs that you had their names embroidered on. Would you mind telling me where I could find those? I would love to order some for my girls upcoming birthday but I cannot locate any online.

Thanks and take care,

Perri said...

What a great bunch of memories. That's hysterical that Adam laughs before the joke, just by the tone of a voice.

Very smart indeed.

Mountain Girl said...

I know you posted those little antics so you'd remember them, but it was fun to read through them. Your little guys sound so cute! And they do say/do the cutest things!

Kim said...

Too cute! I remember Brian and Sean doing the same things. And over-simplifying things. Anything with four legs was a dog - horse, cow, elephant. And like A & A, anything round was a ball - they used to freak out in the produce isle!

Collegegirl said...

Your sweet 19 month olds are growing up so fast! I know you did this to remember, but it is so cute!

Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing these!
May the Lord give you the peace that only He can give. Praying so right now!
John 16:33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

Aimee said...

Awww, I loved reading the list!! And the pics at the window are soo cute. I really thought it was a mirror at first - even though I can definitely tell them apart now. :)