Friday, August 29, 2008

Fun in the New Playroom

Andrew-Jackson-Hudson-Adam in the Box

We had our first play group in the new house, it was packed and lots of fun! Even though we have no furniture, no fridge, and no personal belongings moved yet, we do have toys!!

6 Moms, 8 Toddlers, 2 Newborns, & 2 babies on the way!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What Time Zone is this anyway??

In just over a week I've gone from Mountain Time to Central Time to West Coast Time and back to Central Time. Our girls trip came to an end late yesterday evening when I got home to my quiet house. Unfortunately it was late and the boys were already asleep so I just got to peek in on them as they peacefully dreamed. I was so happy to see Kenny, we've been apart about three of the last four weeks.

The boys woke up at 7:30 am today (5:30 Vegas time) and I was sound asleep when Kenny brought them into the bedroom. As soon as our eyes met their faces lit up with smiles so big. Andrew jumped on me and buried his head in my chest them would look up and smile and then bury his face again. He did this repeatedly and I've never seen him make a cuter face. Adam on the other hand was scolding me for being away and after that initial smile he would not even look my direction and cried when I tried to hold him and he clung on to Daddy. It broke my heart because I had missed him so much but I knew he was just mad at me for being away. But as soon as I served him breakfast he was happy with me once again (the way to his heart is definitely through his belly!)

Today was a busy day spent signing about a million documents for the closing on our new house, it feels good to be done with that! We didn't do too much moving though, we did some appliance shopping without much luck and then I spent lots of time on the phone setting up utilities and other services.

CRAZINESS: When Kenny went to get the boys out of their room this morning Andrew was out of his crib! This is shocking and scary. He wasn't hurt but we have no idea how he got out. I'm surprised he was the first to pull this trick (he really hasn't been much of a climber) and it was so unexpected as we've never seen either even try anything like this.

Backing it up a bit:

These pictures are from when the boys and I returned from CO after 2 weeks away and Kenny met us at the airport

Holding Reb's Sweet Baby Connor
Isn't he darling??
Our visit with Taylor & Christie

Vegas Baby!


And finally:

I got an I Love Your Blog Award from Jackson's Mommy. Jackson, a 23 week surviving triplet, is an amazing little guy that is currently in the NICU, please keep him in your prayers!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sitting in the vegas airport

Well our fantastic girls trip is coming to an end as we wait for our flight home. I can't wait to see my twins!!

Our last day in vegas was a blast. My hot stone massage was out of this world. Last night I finally got a bingo and even though it was not much I was thrilled. We celebrated our last night with a dinner at the top of our hotel's tower overlooking all the vegas lights, very cool.

I'm fighting a bad sinus infection but hopefully I'll be better soon for the boys. I'm so thankful that I got to take this trip! Thanks also to Kenny for letting me come and my mom, aunt Julie, and cousin Katie for coming! Happy birthday Katie!

Tomorrow we close on the new house, woo hoo !!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I miss all three of my boys! Thanks to Kenny's family for helping him this weekend. We are having lots of fun, everyone has won a bingo (except me) but I've done decent on video poker. Katie and I are getting massages in the morning, Yippee!

Yesterday we saw Cirque's The Beatles: Love, it was amazing! Then today we saw Defending the Caveman, a comedy show that was pretty good. Vegas is an interesting place!

Friday, August 22, 2008

life is good

Laying by the pool in Vegas reading my first non parenting book in two years and sipping on a pinacolada. Life is good :-) !!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Needing to Catch My Breath

It's a whirlwind right now! We got home from CO on Sunday late afternoon and I unpacked my suitcase and then repacked a smaller suitcase for my Vegas trip on Thursday. Monday morning we met up with Aunt Dana for some shopping, lunch, and went to meet baby Connor, who is a beautiful and sweet baby (Congrats Noynaerts!). Then we met up with Christie & Taylor who came to stay the night and visit before they move to St. Louis next week =-(. We all took the babies to speech, then we ran around town, then we went to dinner, then we put the babies down and us girls stayed up talking. Then I couldn't sleep so I caught up on the Olympics.

So this morning the kids played a while and then we all went to go register Adam & Andrew for Preschool, more on that in a minute. Then we picked up Subway and raced to the new house to meet up with the window guy to measure for blinds. Then we had to say goodbye to Christie and Taylor who were a super help today while we ran around. Then the boys and I raced to physical therapy. Then we canceled a trip to the Children's Museum because the boys were really grumpy by this point so we went home and they've been napping ever since.

Tomorrow we have biblestudy, another PT appt, then a Speech appt, and then playgroup (YAY!) and then Thursday I leave for Las Vegas!!!! I'm going with my mom, aunt, and cousin to celebrate my cousin's 21st birthday. This will be the first time I've left the boys for more than 2 nights, the first time I've left the state without them and the first time their father will have them all by himself for an extended period. Go Kenny! Fortunately for him, his family is coming to help over the weekend.

I'll be back on Monday and then Tuesday we close on our new house, WOOO HOOOO!!!! So much to do, I wish I had about 8 extra hours for each day so I wouldn't feel so crazy, but at least this is all a good crazy!

Back to the pre-school topic, I'm putting the boys in a church's School for Little People for 18-24 month olds. I've heard nothing but awseome things about their program. It's only in the morning and both boys will go on Wednesdays while I go to biblestudy and then just Adam will go Tuesday & Thursday mornings while I take Andrew to rehab. I'm really excited about this because I have a really hard time getting someone to watch Adam while I take Andrew to rehab and when I take him with us it's really distracting for Andrew and the session is not as effective and Adam gets really bored and frustrated. SO he will get to go have some fun and structure and socialization during this time. It's a win win for everyone really.

Another reason for preschool is that Andrew is going to start getting private occupational therapy for his fine motor skills, eating & sensory issues and so our rehab sessions will soon be twice as long making it even more difficult for Adam to tag along and that's just not fair for either of them. This was a hard decision to make, it just makes them seem even more grown up talking about school and meeting teachers and stuff but I really feel good about it.

So that's the update for the day on us. Hope you are having a great week and enjoying these last days of summer!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Winding Down

Casey, Rachel, & their kids left this morning to head home and tomorrow is our last full day here before we leave on Sunday. While the weather has been awesome (mostly, today was 40's and sleeting!) I'm really looking forward to going home. I'm missing Kenny a lot and so are the boys. Also I'm excited to get started prepping for our big move. My goal is to get rid of about 60% or more of what we own and try to simplify things more. We've managed to accumulate quite a bit of junk and I'm ready to purge and de-clutter. Anyways, here are some photos from the last few days of fun.

So Sweet!

Vail's Pirate Ship Park is lots of fun!

Boat Captains!


We've ridden the free Gondola three times!

Touch Down!!

Where is your ear??

The boys continue to amaze me every day with all the new discoveries and skills they are learning. I'm so thankful for God's blessings in our lives. I feel like we're unintentionally racing towards the twins 2nd birthday, it will be here all too fast. It's been nice to have this time away to enjoy them and show them God's beautiful world. Why does this precious time have to fly by so quickly. I want them to stay little!!