Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Pumpkin Day


2007 Flash Back

More photos to come when I get a chance.
Hope your families had a fun day!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Today the boys wore costumes to school with their adorable classmates and they all went Trunk or Treating in a blocked off parking lot of the school. This was the boys first experience with our candy passing out traditions and while Andrew was rather uninterested, Adam thought this was the best thing EVER ;-) ! He didn't understand that he had to keep going to the next point and wanted to loiter around every candy basket and flirt for more goods. Too funny! Fortunately most of the treats were teddy grahams and gold fish packets so we don't have too much temptation around and I didn't feel guilty letting the boys enjoy some of it.

The Toddler Bears Class
Are they cute or what??

I've had several people ask me what the boys cute costumes are, and I'd describe them as "Franken-clowns", Grandma found them at Cracker Barrel and they are like a happy Frankenstein in sort of a clown style suit themed with cobbwebs, spiders and stitches, if that makes sense.

Kaylie joined the boys for dinner yesterday

Then they shared Bath Time

Adam watching a movie with his cousins. He really loves his cousin Lauren, she always makes him laugh and smile. So sweet!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Weekend Photos

We had a really fun weekend since Grandma came to visit! Andrew got his second haircut (Adam is nearly 2 and has never had one except when Daddy chopped his one little curl off when I was in Vegas). We went to the Farm Patch and did a hay maze and sat in a neat old farm truck. We played in the cute costumes Grandma brought and met our friends for some fun at the park. And ate lots and lots of good food, ice cream, & cookies! We love you Grandma!

Andrew's warmed up a bit to the pumpkins since our first trip

Adam would not get out of the truck!

Hay Maze

Chickens & Ducks

Andrew got a hair cut and they styled him a mohawk for the day!

This is what I call "Packing the Prius" after a trip to Linen' N Things going out of business sale

Adam trying on his future Underoos, TOO Funny!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Where, oh where, have my baby boys gone??

In their new fall clothes, they are just looking way too grown up!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Battered & Bruised

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Perhaps because of his "adventurous" spirit or his extensive outdoor hobbies or the amount of time he spends driving places or that his job is in construction, I must confess that I struggle with this deep fear that at any moment something bad is going to happen to my husband and I'm going to be left to raise two rambunxious boys all on my own. Morbid right? Lord please forgive my lack of faith! Well imagine the thoughts that ran through my mind when Kenny called me one night this week and said I needed to meet him at the emergency room.

Kenny had gone hog hunting on our family's property with one of his friends Wednesday evening and they were having issues with an electric 4 wheel drive ranch vehicle (imagine a large 4 man golf cart on steroids). It must've had a short or something because it would take off without them applying the gas and would not respond to the brake and would only stop when the key was turned off. After a while it started to operate properly only to run completely out of battery a little while later. So Kenny & his friend went to get another vehicle to tow it back to the shop.

By this time it was dark and Kenny was using a heavy duty strap to tie together the two vehicles for towing when the broken one suddenly came to life like a scene straight out of the movie Christine and ran full speed toward him (No one was driving the vehicle it just became "posessed" for lack of a better word). Thank God that his friend was there to give him a warning "Look out, Look out!" and he looked back to see head lights coming at him. He was able to move a little bit out of the way but was still smashed in between the two vehicles.

He fell to the ground and was blacking out and hurting real bad. That is when I got the call to go to the ER, so his friend drove him the 35 minutes back to town. The fear was that he'd broken ribs and punctured a lung or was bleeding internally. But when they got to the ER there was an extensive wait and he was no longer feeling light headed, just in pain. Kenny's dad is a physician and so he instructed the friend on taking Kenny's pulse which was normal and he was able to breathe without trouble.

So when I got to the ER, Kenny had decided just to go on home to rest(much to my dismay as I really wanted to have him seen for my own piece of mind). But since he's pretty stubborn I was unable to sway him. I told him I was going to be real mad if I woke up next to him dead in our bed in the middle of the night. Except for being completely black and blue from his groin to his shoulder, he's doing alright, Praise God!! He's so sore and walking around like he's 100 years old though.

Kenny (and the boys & I for that matter) are extremely fortunate because if his friend hadn't of been there he wouldn't of had any warning and would probably of been completely runover and had no one there to find and help him.

Here are some pictures of his jeans that are ripped in two places from the impact on his front and side. (Kenny wouldn't let me photograph his actual injuries ;-). I'm sure most guys can imagine his pain after seeing these jeans. One more inch and we might not have been able to have any more children!

Close Call:

Thank you Lord for the life and health of my precious husband. Thank you for protecting him and blessing us with each day we share. May we grow old together under the protection of your grace. May we trust in You and Your goodness for all of our days.

Not to be forgotten is my poor dog Kelsey, who (while I was on the phone with Kenny on his way to the ER), was in our back yard getting bitten by a copper head snake. Since Kenny took priority and I wasn't certain of the cause of her swelling at that point, she just got benadryl until the next morning when I took her in to the vet. Her swelling got much worse over night and the vet confirmed that it was the venomous snake. After shots of anti-inflamatories and antibiotics, she's home and doing well.

See the giant knot on her neck?

Normally her throat is totally straight/level from her mouth to her neck so you can see the giant lump on her throat.

Fortunately both Kenny & Kelsey seem to be on the mend now and hopefully no one else will need a trip to the doctor anytime soon!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Birthday & "Reunion" Weekend

We had a really good weekend. Kenny celebrated his 27th Birthday on Saturday, Happy Birthday Babe! (Yes, he's very young and I'm a cradle robber) We also had a "reunion" with some of my college friends and their adorable families over the weekend. Heather, Angela, Sarah and I were all in PPA (Professional Program for Accounting) where you go to school for 5 years and leave with both a bachelors and masters degrees in Accounting. Not only did we go to school together but we all interned together at Ernst & Young and then all went to work there after graduation. I had the pleasure of rooming with 2 of them at one time or another and they are just all around great people and so are their families. It's been 2 years since we all got together, the last time was right before I had the boys. You can see my pictures from our weekend together down below but first here are some other pictures from the last week:

The boys being very silly while we were helping Aunt Dana shop for nursery ideas

I think they liked this rug!

We had Horesback Riding Therapy Olympics this week

The boys were quite proud of their very first trophies!

Pictures with our visiting friends:

Adam & Dylan

Andrew is obsessed with planes all the sudden. He calls them "plane-ies" too funny & is always looking for them in the sky!

Dylan, Kenny, & Steven

Heather & Abbey

Adam very much wanted to be apart of the football game

Adam would only throw the ball to Jackson, he wanted to be a big boy too so badly!

Dylan is a sweetie pie!

Andrew loved Abbey, she's so cute!

A Three Pack

SO Sweet!!

Adam is ready to help the Aggies

We surprised Kenny with a serenade of the Happy Birthday song and a yummy smores cake from Maggie Moo's

Jackson, Abbey, Andrew & Adam

Dylan & his Daddy

What a fun weekend!!