Tuesday, January 27, 2009

March of Dimes Ambassador Family

We are so honored to have been asked to represent the March of Dimes in our area as the 2009 Ambassador Family. We will be sharing our story over the next several months at local events in anticipation of our local March Event on May 2.

We would love for you to join our Team and walk with us. If you are able we would greatly appreciate your support for Adam & Andrew as they strive to help every baby have a healthy start.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Back from the Abyss

Yipeee, I finally have a computer again! It's sad how tech dependent I am these days as I've felt so out of touch while waiting for a new laptop. Mine was completely dead but they were able to salvage most of my files, thank goodness!

So here are some photos from the last week while I was hanging out in the black hole without my computer. It's been a busy but good time.

My little Stud Muffins

Is Adam like the Jolly Green Giant in this picture or what?

Yikes, is this Kenny's Clone?

Andrew said "I Spiffy!"

On Thursday we were thrilled to meet our new niece Kate Rebecca. She arrived at 12:45pm weighing in at 7 lbs 15 oz. (That's nearly 4 Adam's since he was 2lbs.) She's healthy and beautiful! Praise the Lord for this newest member of our family.

Proud sister and brother watch her in the nursery

Fresh out of the oven!

So sweet!

Pink Aggie Cap

Proud Big Sister

My older brother Casey is the proud Daddy

Oh how I love to hold me some baby girl!

One happy Granny

Aunt Dana (with baby Ben on the way)

Adam's new thing is to go in my closet and try on my shoes and then he gets mad when he tries to walk in them and has trouble

We are so excited to have our yard fenced now so I've been letting the boys do some exploring and they LOVE it!

Playing Ball in the backyard

We've had some really nice weather lately and are getting to enjoy some time playing outside.

Andrew had his check up last week with the orthopeadic surgeon. They did hip x-rays and everything checked out good. No dislocations and perfect alignment. They will continue to repeat this every 8 months to follow the effects of the cerebral palsy on his developing body. His left leg continues to be smaller than his right, another side effect of the cp. So he is getting a 3/4 of an inch lift placed on his shoes after we get his next pair of afo's in. The dr was very impressed with his walking though and thought he looked like he'd been walking much longer than he actually has. Meaning he's more stable than he would expect. So we'll continue with the daily stretching, physical therapy, braces and such and hopefully we can avoid the surgery to sever his heel cords due to tightness in the tendons. So far so good.

Thanks for your continued prayers and encouragement. We are SO blessed, we really are. I am truly amazed when I think about where we are compared to where we could have been. These little miracles continue to teach me so much about life and God.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Crash & Burn

My laptop that is. I'm very sad as I may have lost three months worth of pictures since the last time I backed up OUCH. I.T. is telling me it's pretty fried. I'm writing to you from a loaner.

Busy weeks ahead. This week Andrew has his check up with the orthopaedic surgeon who mentioned last time wanting to repeat his hip x-rays and potentially do x-rays of his legs to see about the leg length issue on the left side. Hopefully we'll just keep doing what we're doing for now, I don't want Andrew to need any procedures. I'm looking forward to him seeing Andrew walking for the first time since last time he predicted that he wouldn't walk anytime soon and here he is getting around quite well now.

Then Thursday my new niece is planned to make her arrival. My brother and his wife are having baby number three and I can't wait to meet her! Our family hasn't had a baby girl born into it in 5 1/2 years so it's going to be lots of fun!

Next week will be busy also as Andrew has his check up with the neurologist. I can't wait to see what he thinks since he hasn't seen him since he started walking and talking either.

Oh, I got the results from the speech test and Andrew has officially graduated! He is 25 months actual but tested at 27 months although he's only 22 months adjusted. Way to go little man! If you recall, Adam botched his test so he will stay in the program but will drop from 2x's a week to just once. They corrected somewhat for the things we knew that he knew but he still tested at 22 months which is within normal limits and right on for his adjusted age. So no real worries there, they just want to help him continue with his progress for now.

Well if I ever get settled with a new computer I'll load up some new pictures (and then promptly back them up!)

Have a great week!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good Days

WOW, thanks for all the great input! I need to have polls more often when I need help with decisions! I think camo and the sports themes were the most popular. I'll probably make my final decision when we go in for casting since the colors sometimes look different in person. And then it will be a surprise for everyone ;-).

This past weekend we met our twin friends Hudson & Jackson and their folks and new baby brother at the Downtown Aquarium for some family fun. We ate an awesome seafood dinner while watching the fish all around us. Then we explored their exhibit seeing white tigers and all sorts of stuff. Then we went and rode the ferris wheel and the carousel. It was a great day!

Andrew checking out a giant sting ray

4 Twin Boys

Hudson & Andrew

Checking out the treasure chest

While we were there we got a great surprise when we ran into our special NICU friend Rees and his wonderful parents. Rees is a little miracle and it was great to catch up with them!

Blue Frogs are pretty but very poisenous

Yuck, a giant 300 pound snake!

Hudson & Jackson in the sting ray tank

White Tigers were gorgeous!

Greyson is only a month old but that didn't stop him from riding the carousel with his family. He is such a great baby!

Adam rides a big Alligator

A train ride through the shark tank!

After the Aquarium we visited Peepaw and Gammaw where the boys played some dress up

Spin me daddy!!

Whoopsie, I'm a little dizzy!

Now for some "Nastics" pictures
They aren't great since I was in the glass observation room, Andrew is on the left side of the circle in the lime green shirt.

In the center of the circle jumping

Yay Trampoline!

Notice how the class has collectively moved to the station at the bottom right of the picture but Andrew is way over on the left side of the floor "wandering"

Andrew Vaulting