Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weekend Photos

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone that donated today, we've made a lot of progress! Don't forget to donate by Friday at noon before the blog goes private for April, think of how quickly those puppies are going to change in the coming weeks and you don't want to miss it!

I made it on time for my 5:45 am tv interview this morning and it went smoothly, but I've been tired all day, that's way too early for me! Live tv is stressful but fortunately I think we are done with the tv spots.

In puppy news, all 9 are doing WONDERFULLY!! To answer a few questions, they are AKC registered. Yes, we are planning to keep one of the females but we don't know which one yet. Reagan is the calmest lab I've ever seen so we are hoping that there will be some calm ones to choose from. I've always preferred chocolates but that little blondie has stolen my heart. But I'm pretty depressed because she's probably going to go to the stud dog's owners since they get to pick one, darn darn. She's a sweetheart and I really want her to stay in the family. But all of the puppies are such angels and Reagan is such a sweet and gentle mama. We originally said we would only have lab puppies once but it's been such a blast we may have to do it again someday. We'll see!

Here are some photos from this past weekend:

I LOVE this photo of Adam & Andrew getting ready for a ride with their Pa. The expressions on their faces are precious.

On Saturday we went to our friends Lauren & Blake's 2nd Birthday party, it was a lot of fun! The boys got to go on their first Easter Egg Hunt!

Yummy Fun Dip!

We went to Granny & Pa's house after church on Sunday and had a really nice afternoon enjoying the gorgeous spring weather with the cousins

"I wanna ride-gator!"

I didn't take this last picture but I had to share. Check out this monster catfish that came out of my parents' lake behind their house. YIKES!!

Hope you are having a great week!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

1 of 3 new posts: Taking My Blog Hostage for March for Babies

I'm following the lead of my friends the Guinn Triplets by taking my blog Hostage as a fundraiser for the March of Dimes' March for Babies.

This means you have until this Friday at noon before I take my blog private for the ENTIRE month of April. Everyone that donates at least $5 to our team or signs up to walk on our team, will be sent an email giving them access to the blog. If you've already donated, don't worry you will be included automatically. Unless you are the one that mailed me a check and I don't have your email address, in that case send me a comment with it and I'll keep it private.

In exchange for your donation, not only will you get access to the blog but I promise to update it frequently with plenty of pictures of my double trouble duo.

Go here to donate. It's safe secure and easy, they accept all major credit cards and you can even pay with Paypal.

Please help us raise money for this very worthy cause. Let's prove that even during a recession, Saving Babies matters and that people still care. With your help I know we can far surpass our goal.

THANK YOU ;-)!!!

2 of 3: Tune in Tomorrow Morning

If you are up early tomorrow or can set your DVR, I will be on "Brazos Valley This Morning" on KBTX at 6am (Tuesday). I'm not much for public speaking so I'm super nervous about being on tv again even though last week's went fine. But most of all I'm nervous about sleeping through my alarm and not getting there in time since I have to be at the station at 5:45am!!!

3 of 3: Special Delivery!

For all forest creatures are mine already, the animals on the mountains in their thousands. I know every bird in the air, whatever moves in the fields is mine.
PSALM 50:10-11

We were awakened early this morning to the cry of a newborn puppy and immediately ran to my closet where our chocolate lab Reagan had been staying in her special box. The puppies weren't expected until Wednesday at the very earliest so it was a big surprise. When we got to her she'd already had two, one of which was still born (a chocolate female). Over the nexr 4.5 hours she had a total of 10 puppies, all of which are doing awesome except for the one that was still born. The living count is 9 puppies: 3 chocolate males, 5 chocolate females, and one very special surprise yellow female.

Considering both Reagan and the stud dog were chocolate, the yellow recessive puppy was a pleasant surprise and my heart skipped a beat when she came out blonde. We were right there in the midst of it, helping to break the sacs and cleaning the puppies off. I couldn't believe she had 10 puppies in her very first litter. After the first six I thought for sure she was done but they just kept coming!

The boys woke up around the time the 4th one was born and they were pretty excited. They kept yealling "Baby Puppies, Baby Puppies!!" One came out right when Adam was up close and when I broke the sac and he saw the slimy creature he excitedly pointed and yelled "Alligator, Alligator!!!" He's such a hoot ;-).

It was a special day and my heart sings Praises to God for the profound mystery and beauty of all His creations. In all things God's goodness is evident.
Last night I could tell something was up with Reagan so I took this picture. She must've known something big was going to happen.

Fresh out of the oven

Let's play "One of these things is not like the other" I've always been partial to chocolate but I just fell in LOVE with this sweet little blonde in the midst of all those brownies

Sweet faces!

The crazy thing is they are not too much smaller than Adam & Andrew were when they were born!!

Thank you Lord for a very special day and this tiny glimpse into your marvelous ways!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tune in Tomorrow

March of Dimes Update:
Thanks to everyone who has generously sponsored Adam & Andrew as Ambassadors for the March of Dimes. Barely a month left to reach our goal and we have $700 more to raise! We are still hoping to have more walkers sign up to join our team. So please sign up soon if you can!!

Tomorrow Friday the 27th, if you are in this area, tune into KBTX's News at Noon. I'm going to be on there for probably a split second to share a little about Adam & Andrew and the March of Dimes. So check it out if you are able to!

Hope you are having a great week!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Outdoor Fun

Here are some pictures from a beautiful Saturday afternoon in the country. We had some friends join us for some outdoor fun. The guys fished and rode around while the kids played at the playground and the pool. Then we all met back at the house for hamburgers. It was a great way to spend the day!

I love this sweet face!

I love this sweet face too!

They've been talking about "daddy boat" all week long. As soon as we got on the boat Adam said "I wanna drive!"!

Hanging out with Baby Connor

Sand Box Fun

The kids didn't seem to mind the cold water, they had a lot of fun splashing and jumping!

Twins Times Two

My joyful Adam

Andrew exploring

Adam making a big splash

The boys

The same gang last year

And here they are this year, growing up too fast!

Time for a picnic

I hope the weather stays pleasant for a while so we can enjoy more fun weekends outdoors. We have to enjoy it while we can because it will be blazing hot before we know it!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Did I mention we're expecting???

Did that make your heart stop =-)? Just thinking about it makes my heart race! Well actually we're expecting a litter of lab puppies, probably all chocolate, sometime around April 1st! We bred our super sweet labrador Reagan and the poor dog is really getting big and uncomfortable looking these days. Reagan is about the most gentle and calm lab ever and Kenny wanted a back up in case something ever happened to her, since she is his pride and joy ;-). So we are planning to keep one of the female puppies. I'm so excited and can't wait for their arrivial. I'm sure Adam & Andrew will be thrilled by the big event as well.