Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weekend Photos

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone that donated today, we've made a lot of progress! Don't forget to donate by Friday at noon before the blog goes private for April, think of how quickly those puppies are going to change in the coming weeks and you don't want to miss it!

I made it on time for my 5:45 am tv interview this morning and it went smoothly, but I've been tired all day, that's way too early for me! Live tv is stressful but fortunately I think we are done with the tv spots.

In puppy news, all 9 are doing WONDERFULLY!! To answer a few questions, they are AKC registered. Yes, we are planning to keep one of the females but we don't know which one yet. Reagan is the calmest lab I've ever seen so we are hoping that there will be some calm ones to choose from. I've always preferred chocolates but that little blondie has stolen my heart. But I'm pretty depressed because she's probably going to go to the stud dog's owners since they get to pick one, darn darn. She's a sweetheart and I really want her to stay in the family. But all of the puppies are such angels and Reagan is such a sweet and gentle mama. We originally said we would only have lab puppies once but it's been such a blast we may have to do it again someday. We'll see!

Here are some photos from this past weekend:

I LOVE this photo of Adam & Andrew getting ready for a ride with their Pa. The expressions on their faces are precious.

On Saturday we went to our friends Lauren & Blake's 2nd Birthday party, it was a lot of fun! The boys got to go on their first Easter Egg Hunt!

Yummy Fun Dip!

We went to Granny & Pa's house after church on Sunday and had a really nice afternoon enjoying the gorgeous spring weather with the cousins

"I wanna ride-gator!"

I didn't take this last picture but I had to share. Check out this monster catfish that came out of my parents' lake behind their house. YIKES!!

Hope you are having a great week!!


Anonymous said...

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Carey said...

Cute photos. Love all egg hunt ones and all the flowers. Oh I cant wait for spring to arrive here in NY.
Wow..look at the catfish..what did you do with it?

Weavers said...

What cute pics! It's so fun the boys can get into Easter egg hunts this year! And the puppy pics are great- they'll grow so fast!

We enjoyed playing yesterday too! Luke told me we should have you over to play next time!

Team Tanneberger said...

They are so, so handsome. Man! And the ears are so cute on the little ones. Wendy's got them on in our most recent shots too.

Anonymous said...

Catfish......April Fool's!