Monday, April 20, 2009

Adam Funnies

I love hearing "Kenny Stories" from Kenny's family of all the silly and funny things he's said and done during his lifetime. Well Adam has started having his own funnies that I want to remember.

Last weekend when Kenny's family was in town, we adults ate and had a ice cream cake after we put the kids to bed to celebrate Gammaw's birthday. The boys were talking and whining in their room and basically not going to sleep so I went to check on them. They were wired so I brought them back into the kitchen to say hello to everyone. When we got to the kitchen table Adam smiled and shouted "I heard CAKE!!!"

On Saturday morning, it was stormy so when the kids woke up we put them in bed with us for some cuddle time. We each had one child and every so often they would say "I wanna go see Mama" and so we'd switch kids. This went back and forth several times. Then Adam declared "I wanna go see EAT!!"

Both the boys have really gotten into singing lately, especially the Aggie Fightsong. But long before they were singing Hullabaloo Canek Canek, Adam was singing along to the radio with Sarah Bareilles. His first favorite song was "Bottle It Up". I was always surprised to be driving down the road and suddenly hear Adam singing "Love . . . . Love . . . . Love . . Love . . . I do it for Love . . Love . . Love . . Love" right along with the radio perfectly in rhythm and pitch.
Some of my favorite Adam-isms right now: "Mo Talky-Moot peas" which translates to "More Chocolate Milk please!!" and "I Hung-EEEE" which is "I'm hungry" ;-)

"Hi La Lou" Adam, you are such a hoot!!


Grammy Jane said...

Thanks for sharing Adam's funnies. I'm glad you're writing these down so you'll remember them when he is grown. He surely looks like his daddy!

Lynn said...

Too funny! Especially the "hearing" cake...see?! It DOES call to you!
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