Friday, April 17, 2009

Backing up to last Friday

I accidently uploaded these pictures in the exact opposite order than I intended, so go from the bottom up if you want them to be in chronological order.

Last Friday, since we had family in town we decided a crawfish boil was in order. So our families joined together for some yummy "laaaaadee-bugs" as Adam was calling them ;-). They were delicious!

Quite a Feast!

Andrew has been so snugglie lately

Andrew was very serious about caring for the crawfish before the boil was ready

Adam loved riding in the tractor and helping Pa mow

Now that's a BIG wheel!!

Andrew's turn in the tractor, he wasn't too sure at first since it's a bit of a sensory overload but he ended up asking for more tractor the rest of the evening!
Another fun spring day!!


Christi said...

That crawfish looks so yummy! My kids called them bugs too, when we saw them at the grocery store. :-)

Carey said...

Love the bubble pictures! Awesome fun Im sure!