Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Videos of our TV Spots

By the way, what a GREAT day for our fundraising challenge! It's been really neat to learn of so many readers that I didn't even know we had. I'm so thankful for the amazing blog followers that care so much for Adam & Andrew. You guys are AWESOME!!


Lynn said...

You did a great job!
My husband had the first verse of this hymn in his sermon tonight. It was so comforting I wanted to share it here. Praying right now!
1. I fall asleep in Jesus' wounds,
There pardon for my sins abounds;
Yea, Jesus' blood and righteousness
My jewels are, my glorious dress.
In these before my God I'll stand
When I shall reach the heavenly land.

2. With peace and joy I now depart;
God's child I am with all my heart.
I thank thee, Death, thou leadest me
To that true life where I would be.
So cleansed by Christ, I fear not death.
Lord Jesus, strengthen Thou my faith.

Prayer Bears
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Anonymous said...

You were awesome! Rachel L

Toddler Tales said...

Wonderful interviews! What a blessing!! Wish we could be there to walk with you this year!!!