Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Puppy Update

The puppies are all doing great! They are so sweet and so much fun, I love how they snuggle up together and sleep so peacefully. The boys call them "Baby Puppies" and they are fascinated with them. Reagan is doing well, she has gotten so skinny and is eating like crazy to feed these rapidly growing puppies. They must be wearing her out because every time I check on her she jumps out of the bed and runs for the door like "Get me out of here, I need a break!"
The puppies have grown so fast, they already look bigger than Adam & Andrew did when they were born!


Grammy Jane said...

These puppies are just too cute! I had a golden lab once and she was one of my favorite dogs.

Christi said...

They are so cute! I know what it feels like to need a break from nursing one baby, can't imagine 9! :-) Hope Reagan keeps it up!

Lynn said...

How come only one is a different color? That's so funny!
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Perri said...

Do you get to keep the blonde one?