Thursday, April 30, 2009

Water Babies

Kids sure have a different tolerance for water temperature than us adults. I could barely put my toes in but Adam & Andrew splashed and played as if the chilly water was downright pleasant. But don't worry, I was close by in my shorts and barefeet ready and willing to dive in and fish them out if they stepped off the ledge into deeper water. I need to get the boys scheduled for their water survival refresher course here pretty soon as we will probably be spending more and more time in the water.


Toddler Tales said...

Looks like fun! We're signed up for our refreshers during our trip to Austin! Let's plan a time to get together!

Your interview was awesome! So amazing to hear the boys' story again. God is so wonderful!! :-)

Love Ya!

Ashley said...

They are to cute, love their swim outfits! They need to slow down, growing so fast! Enjoy!