Saturday, April 25, 2009

Why my kids may never eat at the big table ;-)

Andrew is slowly working through his sensory issues and one activity we do is "food play". I don't recall my mother ever encouraging me to do this LOL, in fact I would probably of gotten a spanking! I hope he isn't confused at mealtimes in the future! As far as sensory issues, Andrew swings sharply between sensory seeking, like you see below, and sensory avoidance where he freaks out if there is the tiniest smidgen of something on his fingers. The same goes for certain sounds and physical touch. I don't quite understand it but I'm working to help him deal with it.

Perhaps something might have ended up in his mouth?

Andrew makes Adam look down right tidy!

At least pudding rinses off easily! All clean and ready to go for a ride. I love it when they work together and play well. Although they have plenty of spats, they do pretty well for 2 year olds.

After this they traded places and Andrew tried to give Adam a push but that didn't work out too well, LOL ;-)


Tabatha said...

Andrew looks so old in these pics. It's amazing how much your boys have changed since I started reading your blog!

Lynn said...

Hey, at least Andrew tried pushing Adam! And oh my he looks like he had a great time with the food!
Know that you're in my thoughts and prayers!
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