Monday, May 18, 2009

Great Grandmas & Great Fun

Adam & Andrew have gotten special visits with two of the great grandmothers in the past few days. First up was Great Grandmother Paula who came down to visit us for the first time in over 4 years because when my PawPaw was alive he was too sick to travel. The boys had a lot of fun getting loved on by Great Grandma Paula.

We went to Houston for the weekend and got together Friday night with some of our special NICU buddies for a yummy dinner at Lupe Tortilla. It was so great to enjoy an evening with these miracle kids and their awesome parents!

Adam was eager to give pretty Miss Ellie a big hug. When Ellie was first born she was in the bed right next to Adam!

Then Saturday we went to visit Great Grandmother Miggy at her apartment. It was a surprise visit and she was thrilled to have Adam & Andrew drop in and gave them the grand tour.

Adam loves his Miggy!

Miggy is so proud of her twins!

Adam was thoroughly exhausted from all the partying!

Notice how he has taken his right shoe off. He does this as soon as we get in the car, always the right shoe. It drives me crazy!!

Hanging out at Gammaw & PeePaw's house. The boys had a blast playing in the beautiful yard and on the "retro" swing set that daddy played on as a little boy.

The See-Saw was a big hit!

All the boys, big & small

More pictures to come from the rest of our fun weekend!


Team Tanneberger said...

Looks like some great times for your twins! We just got Wendy a dollhouse and she's in Heaven! Your sons are sprouting big time! So handsome!

Lynn said...

I can't even imagine being a great grandma! That would be amazing!
We are always safe when we're in the Lord's Hands! Praying!
Psalms 31:5 Into thine hand I commit my spirit: thou hast redeemed me, O LORD God of truth.
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