Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Survived!!

I did it, I survived my 4 weeks of intense boot camp. Honestly I didn't even mention it on the blog until I had lasted a full week because I wasn't sure I'd be able to do it, I'm probably the most unathletic, unflexible person ever that absolutely hated to work out or run. But by the grace of God, I made it and I haven't felt this good in a long time. I'm sleeping well, I have more energy, my back isn't hurting nearly as often. Despite cutting out some serious calories from my diet, I didn't drop a ton of weight like I hoped but I definitely feel better. The kids & I are going out of town for the next two weeks so I'm going to be missing the first half of the July session but I'm already registered to pick it back up when I return. I hope I don't lose all the endurance and strength that I had gained between now and then. I'm planning to do lots of walking in the mountains so hopefully I can maintain it.

The boys were nervous to pose with Jerrod but they did tell him "Gig'em Aggies" and talked the rest of the day about how he throws the football.

The next Michael Phelps?

A visit to the John Deere tractor store

I LOVE this photo!!!

As a reward for completing Bootcamp I decided to finally give in to my longing for a BOB Revolution Duallie jogging stroller to keep me motivated and to make those mountain walks even more fun.

"The Beast" is what the boys call it

Everyone tells me I won't regret this purchase, so far they are right!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Celebrating Gammaw & Peepaw

This past weekend we kids and some close family friends had a surprise party for Gammaw & Peepaw to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary and Peepaw's 60th birthday. It was exciting to see that we pulled off the surprise and it was so fun to see their faces as they noticed all the special guests that were there for them. What a fun time! Congrats Gammaw & Peepaw!

Earlier this week I decided to be an adventurous Mama and let the boys do some painting. Since it was water based paint, the only rule was that the paint had to stay outside and clothes had to come off. My naked painters were happy to oblige!

I think it's so sweet how even though I gave them each their own side with a fresh piece of paper, they insisted on painting together.

Adam and Andrew both painted on Adam ;-)

Andrew managed to stay much cleaner

Adam & Andrew love to paint and I love to see those precious smiles on their faces. Another benefit is that painting standing up at an easel is very good occupation therapy for Andrew's fine motor skills.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Andrew Swimming Take Two

I took this about 10 days ago at Andrew's ISR refresher course. He's an old pro at floating! I haven't gotten any videos of them swimming to the side yet which they are doing pretty well. We've missed our lessons this week due to Roseola Virus, poor babies!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Have you ever seen a Monster?

Monsters have been spotted this week in a lake at my parent's house. They are called Alligator Gar. They have a mouth full of huge teeth and head just like an alligator but their bodies are fish with slimy scales and fins. The biggest one measured in at 7 feet 2 inches. My friend James in this photo is 6 feet 7 inches so that gives the photo some perspective. I saw this thing with my own eyes so I'm not making this stuff up, these are some nasty critters!

I found them hanging out togther having a little jam session in their pajamas one morning.

In other news, my babies have had a nasty case of Roseola virus that has kept them in and out of a feverish state off and on since last Friday. Poor babies finished off several bottles of Motrin this week and have been fighting over who gets to lay directly on top of me in my bed while watching tv in the mornings until the motrin would kick in. It was sad and frustrating, they were literally kicking and clawing at each other and they couldn't stand for the other one to even be touching me. "My Mama, No MINE" they would scream. Poor babies! Fortunately this seems to be behind us, I'm not used to seeing them so pitiful:

At Boot Camp we asked Jerrod to wear some Aggie Gear so we could get the kids pictures taken with him in their football jerseys but since all the kids have been sick I just got one with a very handsome mohawked Greyson. We are supposed to try again one day this coming week. We've completed 3 full weeks of physical torture, I'm so proud of us!

Lounging before a swimming lesson, they only went one day this week and I was surprised that they were actually sad to miss them. They kept saying "Go Susan House, swimming pool!"

Silly Face into what was Granny's Clean Window

Here's to hoping the upcoming week will be a healthy joyful week while getting back into the swing of our busy schedule.

And a very Happy Father's Day to all the special Daddies out there!! We love you!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

To Vegas and Back!

Sorry I've been so absent from the blog, things have been crazy like always. Kenny & I went to Vegas last Thursday and just got back yesterday. We joined three other couples and had a blast. All four of us wives went to college together in the same program, interned together during school, and then worked together at the same place after graduating. My friends and I all turned 30 this year and have been planning this trip for months to celebrate. We got an awesome deal to stay at the new Encore hotel, it was amazing!! Granny & Pa generously watched the boys for us while we were gone. We had so much fun but as always, it was nice to come back home to Adam & Andrew!

Dinner at the Wynn's SW restaurant

Sarah & I

Sarah, Angela, & I at the Venetian

Waiting for the Hoover Dam Tour Bus

Lake Mead

Hoover Dam Memorial

Lake Mead intake towers looking from Arizona side, the water is 30 feet lower than it should be.

One of the big pipes diverting the water around the dam and through the powerplant, the water shook the whole room.

Hoover Dam Passageway, water seeps in through the walls and we were praying they would continue to hold!

One of two power plants

New suspension bridge

Enough concrete to build a sidewalk all the way around the Equator

The gang dined at Emeril's Table 10 at the Palazzo, yummy!

Kenny is a big Emeril Fan

Enjoying an adult beverage version of the snowcone

Heather, Angela & I

Some random guy that stepped into our shot ;-)

Angela, Heather & I

Inside the Wynn

Dinner in St Mark's Square

Kenny, Clint & Steven

We had a BINGO emergency and had to take a limo to make it to the Gold Coast on time for the 7pm session.

Kenny got his first BINGO for $13, LOL

I got a BINGO for $72, yay!

Then Kenny hit it big winning $450!! Who says BINGO is only for old ladies with blue hair and oxyen tanks!

Angela, Me, Heather & Sarah

Las Vegas, NV 2009!!