Sunday, June 07, 2009

Full Steam Ahead

Don't worry, we are still here! Things have just been crazy. When i said I didn't know what we were going to do with ourselves with the boys out of preschool, I take it back, we've had plenty to do! In fact we are probably over scheduled right now. We are currently getting up and leaving bright and early EVERY morning to drive 45 minutes each way to our ISR swimming lessons.

The boys have done great after just a week. Andrew remembers how to float and Adam is getting very close. They are also swimming about 5-6 feet underwater and holding their breaths really well. I thought they'd start crying as soon as we got to the teacher's house or when the saw her but they didn't seem to remember at all. But after the first day they now try to run away from her or cling to me with a death grip. But once they are in the water they do great, although they usually repeat "I wanna go see MaMa" very sadly between each swim pass. I haven't gotten any pictures yet but I'll try to tomorrow.

In addition to swimming, the boys are also doing Kindermusik and Gymnastics. Even I have an activity ;-), I took the plunge and signed myself up for a Fitness Bootcamp that meets for an hour every evening Mon-Thurs. I'm battered, sore, and literally bruised (see below) but thanks to three friends that are along side me, I survived my first week and look forward to going this week. It's at the kids gymnastics studio and they provide activities for the kids while we are tortured, I mean work out. I've never truly worked out in my entire life so this is a big step for me. Making it even more fun is that our instructor is a "celebrity", Jerrod Johnson, the Aggies starting QB. He has done a great job and is truly a nice guy but I'm sure he laughs with his friends later about all the old fat white women that he's attempting to whip into shape!

Now for some photos:
I noticed Bailey riding the plasma car out the window and snapped a photo before she could see me.

Adam's first day of gymnastics, he LOVED it! (He was previously in school during the class time)

War Wound: I got tackled by Jerrod during boot camp and injured my left arm/elbow. Well not exaclty ;-), we were running as fast as we could through an uneven field and my uncoordinated self got tangled up in my own feet and did a flip and nearly knocked myself out. Jerrod had to come help me up, I wanted to lay there and cry but I shook it off and kept running, they don't call it Boot Camp for nothing!

One day between swimming and Kindermusik we had a measly 15 minutes to kill so we went by Big Rig day at the library and made a quick loop through the vehicles before rushing to our class. The boys loved their Firemens Helmets!

These pictures were taken by Kierstyn at Benjamin's birthday party . The boys had a blast playing in the kiddie pool and eating cupcakes.

Adam is in the air in this one perfecting his seat drop

So right now here is our current summer schedule:
8-10:30 Swimming Daily (1:30 on Wed)
11 am Kindermusik Tuesdays
9:30-11am Biblestudy Wednesdays
11 am Gymnastics Thursdays
5:45-6:45 pm Boot Camp Mon-Thurs

Throw in naps, me working several hrs a week at the office, and home therapy visits and there really isn't a whole lot of time for things like house breaking a new puppy, catching up on my endless laundry, grocery shopping and all the other chores that need to be done. Thank goodness we are currently taking a break from the nearly daily pt & ot rehab sessions we were doing for Andrew or things would really be chaotic! His therapists decided he had been doing it intensely for 18 months straight and needed a break because his normally cooperative self was really fighting the therapy sessions.

Hope your summer is off to a great start!!


Rachel said...

yep...that is a busy schedule!!! but it all sounds fun (except your boot camp). love all the pics!!

cat said...

Oh gosh, you are way busy. You are so lucky re the swimming lessons. Our 4 year old is just refusing!

Kierstyn said...

you're crazy!!! :-) Summer is great, but I'm always amazed at how crazy things get.

Lynn said...

They're really serious at boot camp, huh? You have fun with that! Of course I could use a boot doing a certain action to a certain part of my anatomy...I'm getting so bad! Is there a wagon out there that I can get back on?
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