Saturday, June 20, 2009

Have you ever seen a Monster?

Monsters have been spotted this week in a lake at my parent's house. They are called Alligator Gar. They have a mouth full of huge teeth and head just like an alligator but their bodies are fish with slimy scales and fins. The biggest one measured in at 7 feet 2 inches. My friend James in this photo is 6 feet 7 inches so that gives the photo some perspective. I saw this thing with my own eyes so I'm not making this stuff up, these are some nasty critters!

I found them hanging out togther having a little jam session in their pajamas one morning.

In other news, my babies have had a nasty case of Roseola virus that has kept them in and out of a feverish state off and on since last Friday. Poor babies finished off several bottles of Motrin this week and have been fighting over who gets to lay directly on top of me in my bed while watching tv in the mornings until the motrin would kick in. It was sad and frustrating, they were literally kicking and clawing at each other and they couldn't stand for the other one to even be touching me. "My Mama, No MINE" they would scream. Poor babies! Fortunately this seems to be behind us, I'm not used to seeing them so pitiful:

At Boot Camp we asked Jerrod to wear some Aggie Gear so we could get the kids pictures taken with him in their football jerseys but since all the kids have been sick I just got one with a very handsome mohawked Greyson. We are supposed to try again one day this coming week. We've completed 3 full weeks of physical torture, I'm so proud of us!

Lounging before a swimming lesson, they only went one day this week and I was surprised that they were actually sad to miss them. They kept saying "Go Susan House, swimming pool!"

Silly Face into what was Granny's Clean Window

Here's to hoping the upcoming week will be a healthy joyful week while getting back into the swing of our busy schedule.

And a very Happy Father's Day to all the special Daddies out there!! We love you!!

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