Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Remaining CO Pictures

I know I'm a major blog slacker here lately! Here they are at last, the final pictures from our trip to Colorado. Yes, I do realize we've been home for several weeks now!
A Quick Visit to Turquoise Lake

This is what Adam does when you ask him to show you "strong"

Andrew says "I wanna go MY tub" instead of hot tub.

Some more zoo pics. These are from my camera and aren't nearly as pretty as Rachel's that I already posted.

Loving on Baby Abigail

Pictures from our last night in CO. We walked around in Vail Village.

Adam has such a Zest for life!

Andrew was scared of the bear!
That's all folks!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Adventures with Mama

Finally a new post, right?? My computer is out of the shop and hopefully it will last for a while without any more issues! These pictures are from an afternoon adventure in Colorado with just the boys and myself. Everyone in our house was feeling terrible with aches and fever except Adam & Andrew. So even though I felt like I had been run over I knew I had to get the boys out of the house for some fun, moms don't get sick days unfortunately.

So I loaded the boys and the BOB up and we drove to Vail and enjoyed the day together. We rode the Gondola up to the top of the mountain where we had pony rides, bungee tramp, and we also did some exploring. Then we rode the Gondola back down and visited a children's event where they had a bouncie obstacle course thingie, then we went to Pirate Ship Park, got ice cream, and played in the splash pool. I was so proud of myself for tackling all that alone especially when I felt so bad. But it was worth it, we had a blast!!

The boys continue to ask to "Go Gondola Ride" but they don't understand that Texas doesn't have them ;-)

This pictures makes Kenny ill because he's terrified of heights and he can't believe his sons weren't bothered by it!

"I wanna rye hosie"

Adam was thrilled to jump jump again

I was so proud of Adam for completing this challenging obstacle course alone, he was the smallest one in there

The awesome Pirate Ship Park

Enjoying the splash pool

We were a mile from our car and the boys got soaked and had to be stripped down to their diapers. So I rigged up my jacket to keep them warm on the trek back.

Adam & Andrew, I will never forget what a fun day we had together, I LOVE you both so very much!!