Thursday, July 02, 2009

Escaping the Heat

Adam , Andrew & I are so happy to be in Colorado but we are missing Daddy wo had to stay behind to work. It was a long day of traveling, thank goodness we were with Granny & Pa so we had extra hands to help. The toughest parts were getting our circus through security, sitting on the runway for an hour in the heat waiting for our plane to get cleared for take off, messing with the rental car company who didn't understand why us and all our stuff wouldn't fit in a midsize, getting stuck in construction stand still on the wrong highway going away from our destination, keeping two littles twin two year old boys happy during a full day of traveling. The airport we normally fly into is only 30 minutes from the house and it's small and convenient but since we had to fly to Denver, rent a car and drive three hours that really complicated things.

But we finally made it in ONE piece and when we stopped to pick up some milk and a cool wall of air hit me in the face I knew it was all worth it!

But before we left Texas we had some fun activities.
First up was a play date with our triplet friends. We had a blast visiting them and and their new baby brother.

I was smitten with baby London!

Twins, Triplets, & a Baby Brother

Adam & Andrew were so excited to hold Baby London

Then we got to attend the much anticipated 3rd Birthday Party for cousin Luke. Adam & Andrew are finally understanding parties and they carried the invitation around for days asking to go to Luke's Birthday Party so once the day finally arrived they were so excited and especially loved the birthday cake, I think they had three pieces!

Baby Kate & Pa

The two newest cousins, Kate & Ben, so sweet!
Pinata Time!

My sister & I and our three precious boys

Colorado Bound!!

All packed and ready to go

How do you cope with an hour long delay on the runway? M&M's of course!

From the looks of this photo, you'd think the flight was a piece of cake but the photo doesn't show two boys acting like typical two year olds, kicking the seats in front of them, pestering each other, repeatedly throwing the headphones on the ground. Fortunately everyone around us was very kind and accepted our apologies for the seat kicking, aghhhhhh!

Andrew slept in a "Big Boy Bed" for the first time ever. Yes I'm pretty spoiled that my 2.5 year olds still happily sleep in their cribs at home! But since there is a toddler bed here I thought we'd take a trial run. He did great until about 5:30am when he woke up and couldn't figure out where he was and had a panic attack and woke up his brother. The rest of the morning was spent in bed with me, fighting over who got to lay their head where.

Nothing sweeter than a sleeping child!

This morning we tested out the BOB in the steep terrain. We took a trip to the park and it worked great!

Later today we stopped by SuperWalmart to stock up on groceries and the boys were so excited when I picked them up some cowboy hats to wear to the local rodeo. Adam was so proud of it and kept saying, "Wanna go ride horsey!"

These boys crack me up!

Tonight Adam decided that he needed to try out the "Big Boy Bed" but he had a little trouble staying put at first so finally he fell asleep after Granny sat down by him until he was out.

I hope he makes it past 5:30am!
That's all for now, we are having a blast and looking forward to watching fireworks soon. Hope you have a wonderful week celebrating Independence Day!!


hallegracesmama said...

Looks like everyone is having a great time! We're up here in CO for the rest of the summer as well...and brought the beloved BOB with us too! :) Y'all have a happy 4th!

Lynn said...

Oh my what a trip! Am so glad you're all there in one piece!
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cat said...

Looks like you are having a great trip. Gosh, I haven't been here in a while and the boys have just grown so much!