Monday, July 06, 2009

Independence Day Celebrations

The 4th of July celebrations up here begin on the 3rd with a Festival which this year featured Foghat and a major fireworks show, one touted as the biggest in the Rocky Mountains. We took the boys to the kids section of the festival which was a lot of fun. They got fireworks painted on their faces, they got balloon swords, they won candy and trinkets playing some carnival games, and Adam had a blast in a bounce house. I couldn't get Andrew to put down his lolly pop down to join Adam.

We then left the festival and walked over to a pizza place to grab a bite to eat and Andrew astonished us all by devouring an entire slice of pepperoni pizza cute into bites. Andrew has such major food sensory issues that he's never even eaten one bite of pizza before. I was SO proud of him! After the pizza we walked back over to watch the fireworks and caught the tail end of the Foghat concert.

The fireworks were incredible, covering the sky above the lake and choreographed to music. I thought the boys, particularly Andrew, would be horrified by the loud booms but they loved it all. Andrew said "That's COOL Mama!" about 20 times. The fireworks didn't even start until almost 10pm Mountain time, which is 11pm at home but the boys were troopers.

The next day, on the actual 4th, we went over to watch the parade, which the boys loved. They kept talking about the horses and drums and the train. After the parade we ate more pizza (so much for the strict diet I'd been on ;-) and then my dad and the boys and I walked about 2 miles to outdoor Ford amphitheater where the Dallas Philharmonic was playing a free patriotic concert. There was this insanely anal lady demanding everyone to stay off the boulders (for liability purposes) that cover the lawn and make for perfect seats, especially when there are way to many people there.

So after we got tired of standing and the boys were bored we headed over to the Betty Ford Gardens and visited the children's garden before visiting their awesome playground which ironically includes boulders shaped like birds for the kids to play on, go figure. After a very full two days, we were glad to go home and do nothing the rest of the day to rest.

I would have to say Colorado is THE place to be for the 4th of July. They offer so many fun and free family things to do during this time and you just can't beat the weather and scenery.

Checking out a deer we spotted across the road

Adam was very serious about the carnival games and candy eating, he's such a natural born competitor

I've never seen him bounce quite as big before

Sword Fight

Firecracker Faces

Three Cheers for Pa! For someone who doesn't like crowds or public places, he was such a trooper going to all the events with me and helping with the kids.

Waiting for a table at the pizza joint

This is an action shot of Adam knocking Andrew down, moments after that sweet photo above

But fortunately Andrew is quick to forgive

Granny gets in on the sword fight

This is Andrew after his amazing pizza marathon

It was pretty chilly during the fireworks show

Posing with Cousin Ben on July 4th

Andrew watching the Parade on Pa's shoulders

Adam watches from Uncle Shawn's shoulders

The flowers up here are AMAZING

It's so hard to get a good shot of both of them

So sweet

"My Twin, My Friend"

Playing in a puddle

Sometimes I think we're in Switzerland

Adam doing some forbidden boulder sitting

It was a packed place!

Checking out the cool tractor pin wheel in the Children's Garden

Testing out the Frigid Water

The Playground at Last!

So tiny tots playing on this boulder is perfectly okay, but adults sitting on the other one is highly dangerous. Can you tell I was annoyed?

Moms are allowed to enjoy the playground too!

Back home and everyone is exhausted!

July 4th, 2009 What a day !!!


Rachel said...

Totally agree that Colorado is the place to be right now!!! I know y'all don't have much time left on your vacation, but I would love to TRY to meet up! Email me at Norris84atgmaildotcom! LOVE all the pics!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks like you had a fantastic time! Thanks for sharing all the pics!
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