Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Grand Tour of Texas

I'm exhausted and I can't seem to catch up. This last week the boys and I have been on a road trip all over the state. If you aren't from Texas, this might not seem like a lot of driving but Texas is so spread out and the cities are far apart, and I did all the driving myself. We've spent the night in every major Texas city but San Antonio.

Wednesday we woke up in north Dallas
Thursday we woke up in our own beds
Friday we spent the night in Austin
Saturday we spent the night in Houston
Sunday we went to sleep in our own beds again at last

Dana & I took all our boys to visit our Aunt, Uncle, & Cousins. We had a blast and went to the Dallas World Aquarium which was pretty cool.

Coordinating Cousins

Dallas World Aquarium has a Swiss Family Robinson feel to it

Giant Crocodiles, I took this photo from far away

Beautiful Manatee

He was really cool and wise looking

Having fun at Aunt Julie & Uncle Bob's pool


Big Splash!

The next day we met our friends Owen & Camdyn and their Mamas at this cool indoor playground called the Wiggly Play Place
Adam was dancing on stage, too funny!

I was really proud of Andrew for getting in on the action, he's normally terrified of these sort of over stimulating places, but he warmed up to it

The gang at Cheesecake Factory

Matching Outfits

Aunt Amy came to visit!

Daddy was in a wedding in Austin so the boys and I drove over. Since daddy was at the rehearsal I had to unload everything and keep up with the kids all by myself. They thought riding with the luggage was great!

Daddy was so handsome in his tuxedo

Lunch with PeePaw

After the wedding, the boys and I packed up and drove to Houston to visit Gammaw

Gammaw & Miggy, Beautiful!

"Nuggle" With Gammaw

Adam had the best time with this piece of fur

These are from Aunt Dana's house. Adam was trying out Ben's play gym and being "Baby Adam"

It was a fun and adventurous week!!


DJones said...

No wonder you're exhausted! Looks like lots of fun too.

Weavers said...

You are one adventurous mama! Fun memories!