Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summertime Memories

I'm finally getting around to posting some photos from a fun weekend with the cousins at the end of July. These were on my computer that went on the fritz but the hard drive is now recovered, YAY!

We spent time out on the lake and the boys went tubing for the first time. They LOVED it! I was surprised that Andrew, my normally anxious child, climbed right in of his own will. I had to drag Adam out once we were done because he didn't want it to end. We also went swimming in the middle of lake (in life jackets) and they thought that was cool.

Adam has no idea of his his own limits as he insisted on trying to water ski after watching his 6 yr old cousin do it. He wasn't quite strong enough but I have a feeling he'll be able to do it next summer, he is surprisingly coordinated for a two year old.

They look sad but really they were having fun, I think the motion of the boat put them into a trance.

Naked Popsicle Hour, anyone?

A little fun with the hose

Pool Time

Adam is becoming quite the dare devil

The day before our lake day, we went to Chuck E Cheese for the first time ever with Granny, Lauren, & Luke and it was a big hit with Adam & Andrew. Andrew wasn't much for the rides but Adam was all over it.

Granny was providing us all with an action packed day because we also hit the Children's Museum

And to top off our busy and exciting day, Pa met all of us at the movie theater to watch G Force. We were quite a circus and I was really impressed that Pa was brave enough to join us! I brought the boys' little booster chairs so I could secure them in the seat and fill their tray up with popcorn and m&m's. They did well for about an hour and then they got restless but we made it until the end so I count that as a success.

I can't believe our summer is coming to an end. The boys start school on September 1st. They will be in the same class this year and will go Tuesdays & Thursdays half day. I'm counting down the days actually, I love my boys but this will be the first time ever that I've had a regular block of time without them. I'm looking forward to grocery shopping and paying bills in peace ;-).

The boys have really changed a lot over the summer and are growing up so fast, I can hardly believe we are heading for their third birthday, yikes! They both know all their colors, Adam figured this out first but Andrew has now caught on too. Their vocabulary has grown rapidly and they speak in 5-6 word sentences. As of this weekend, they have figured out they can get out of their cribs, much to my dismay! So we'll probably be making the conversion to toddler beds soon because their cribs won't accommodate crib tents.

We are oh so slowly making little steps of progress in the potty training department, well I prefer to call it "potty awareness" because we aren't close to being "trained". The boys will both pee every time you put them on the potty and Adam does #2 in the potty about 80% of the time, which is wonderful. But they don't seem to get how to hold their pee longer than about 20 minutes and just seem to pee constantly all day. So I'm thinking their bladders just aren't ready for that. So I'm just going to continue encouraging what they are doing for now.


Anonymous said...

Is that huge waterfall thing in your backyard?! Oh my! I love waterfalls and that one's amazing!
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Anonymous said...

p.s. I don't think either of my boys were ready until they were over 3...I know some boys are ready earlier,'s okay to wait longer!

Charla (SHar-la) said...

I LOVE naked popsicle's my favorite time of the day!

Emma, Georgia, Erica & Daniel said...

That is so great to hear how awesome they are doing..they are growing too fast!! I agree :( Hope to see you all next week..we will actually be around for a while!! I love "potty awareness"..what a great phrase!

Anonymous said...

Here praying!
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Continuing to pray!
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Know that you're in my thoughts and prayers!
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