Tuesday, September 08, 2009

New Orleans Part One

This past Friday we loaded up the kids, Gammaw & Peepaw, luggage for six and drove 7 hours to New Orleans, Louisiana to visit Kenny's grandmother, aunt & uncle. It had been two years since we were there last and the boys were ten months old and had just gotten their doc band helmets, wow have they come a long way!

The boys did awesome on the drive there, enjoying movies and their new little einstein laptops purchased just for the trip. We stopped in Lafayette and ate at the famed Blue Dog Cafe, very fun!

Andrew typing away on his laptop, must be updating his facebook status.

Notice the bulge in his cheek? He saved a shrimp from lunch for nearly an hour before spitting it out. We knew immediately because it stunk up the car, DSIGUSTING!!

Sweet Adam with his "Blankie", don't even try to call it a "Lovie" because he will correct you!

Once we reached New Orleans we checked in at our hotel on the Mississippi River and then after relaxing for a bit, we ate dinner at Deanie's. I highly recommend it, delicious!!

Sleeping Arrangements? Not quite but it was fun to see the four B boys watching tv together all cozy like

Bright and Early we road the Cable car from our hotel to the French Quarter, the boys were still half asleep but they were excited about the "Train Ride"

We ate breakfast at Cafe DuMonde, YUMMY!! I guess Andrew didn't want to be in our picture ;-)

Adam was in heaven, he kept one piece of Beignet and dipped it over and over in the powder sugar

No time to stop and pose for a picture, he was too busy!

Andrew liked them too and was covered in powdered sugar

After walking around the French Quarter we took in the Aquarium

I LOVE this pic of Adam

Touching the Baby Shark, they weren't at all afraid to stick their hands in there but they couldn't really reach him

Yucky Albino Alligator, I wouldn't want to run into this guy in the wild. Check out those teeth. As Adam would say in his best unintentional hick accent "He'll Biiiiite Yeeeew".

We wanted to take a paddle boat ride but never got a chance

After this picture it started pouring so we took shelter under the cable car depot and were fortunate to catch a ride without much wait, back to the hotel

Back in our room Daddy & Peepaw wrestled with the boys
Who needs to sight see when all you have to do is play in the hotel room bed to have a blast!

During naps, Gammaw & I went shopping at the attached mall and bought a few souvineers for the boys: Puppy Masks and Mardi Gras beads, one with a train and the other with a bulldozer. I should have gotten them the same because they had a big fight over who got which.

What cute sad faced little puppies!! You can't tell but I promise they were really smiling behind the masks.

I have lots more pictures to post in the coming days from our trip, so stay tuned!

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