Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Please Pray for Andrew

This is my second post today, so make sure you scroll down to see our pics from our New Orleans Road Trip

Wednesday morning Andrew & I are driving over to Scott & White Hospital in Temple for him to be evaluated by a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation doctor to determine if Botox injections would be a good treatment for his cerebral palsy. If the answer is yes he will have the procedure done right there in the office so that we won't have to make an additional return trip. I never thought my son would be getting Botox injections!

Andrew's cp effects the left side of his body, particularly his left leg/foot. Lately his mobility has worsened because as he grows, the muscles in the effected leg cannot keep up with his growth and become more and more tight over time. The Botox treatments interrupt the neurologic pathways that are causing the muscles to over contract. The goal is for the muscles to relax and for the heel cord/tendon/muscles to be stretched, improving his mobility.

The results are not guaranteed and if the treatments don’t work, he will likely need muscle lengthening surgeries down the road. Treatments are repeated every 3-6 months.

Though Botox treatments are not without risk (injecting a toxin into my baby, YIKES!), Andrew’s doctors and therapists have determined that the benefits far outweigh the risks but please pray that Andrew would be kept safe and that the procedure will be very effective for him. It’s also a painful procedure, the doctors told me to come prepared to help hold him down, not exactly what I wanted to hear! So please pray that Andrew won’t experience much pain or discomfort.

Please pray the treatment will be effective, improve Andrew’s muscle tone, and that he will not have any adverse reactions or side effects.

Adam stayed the night with Granny so it will just be me and Big Drew tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I hate to admit this but although I love both the boys have always had a special place in my heart for Andrew. Praying so hard that this helps and he'll be able to move better!
Know that I'm always here praying!
Psalms 62:8 Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us. Selah.
Prayer Bears
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Anonymous said...

praying for your little man. This is a path little marc will all to soon be down with his right side affected by cp
god bless

Perri said...

Praying all goes well and it works as hoped. I have heard good things about this working in situations like Andrew's.

Lindsey said...

The effects of Botox on kiddos with CP is very good. It helps to make stretching easier and can possibly prevent surgery or at least postpone it. Hope all goes well and it doesn't hurt too much. They should be able to give a local numbing shot to help.

Amy said...

Praying for your little man. I know that God and his angels will wrap Andrew safe in their arms. Be strong and have faith! God Bless!

Kelly said...

Praying for you and Andrew.

Grammy Jane said...

I'm praying for safe travel for you and Andrew and that the doctors will be guided by our Heavenly Father to do what will help Andrew the most both now and as he grows.

lunsfordj8161@sbcglobal.net said...

Hello I am a friend of a friend and I saw your post. My son has CP too. It effects his legs mostly the left leg. We did the injections last December and we have had amazing results. He has not worn braces sinces May! I was nervous about the injection also. I heard so many different effects and I was so lost on what to do. But my husband told me all we do is pray and god will take care of him. So please don't worry! Everything will work out for the best!

lacey_hammerlun said...

Thinking about yall today! Can't wait to see those sweet boys in a few weeks! :)