Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Today was a long but fun day. We watched our beloved Aggies beat Iowa State here at Kyle Field. Before the game we hung out at my brothers house and then walked from there to the stadium. Today's weather was perfect making the jaunt very enjoyable. We also got to stop by the new Aggie Ring sculpture, it's pretty cool! We made it to the stadium early enough to watch the Cavalry ride by, followed by the band, the corp and Lady Reveille.

I wonder if I can get my whole head in here?

Precious Kate

I LOVE this one, it's such a classic Andrew face!

We got a surprise visit from Lady Rev!

The BOB came in handy today since we walked to/from the stadium
We busted out the choo choo wagon for trick or treating and the kids had a blast playing in it before hand.

If you know Pa, this photo is hilarious! He was just holding this puppy for a moment for our friend, I promise it's not his. Ha Ha!

Family Photo in front of "The Scahwee Kitty Cat"

The Whole Crew

Love that mane, Ben!

First time ever to trick or treat, they went on in uninvited to nearly every house but they figured out the handing out candy concept quickly.

The "Trick or Treat Express"

Gotta Love Granny Becky!

You had to watch Andrew, he is a bit of a candy addict and he would keep grabbing handfuls of goodies at every house until I could pry him away

Ben slept through his first trick or treating experience, SO sweet!

The girls wagon

I don't know about you but October 2009 was a blast but extremely exhausting! I have tons and tons more pictures from various activities over the last two weeks I need to post but since today is Halloween I thought I'd just go ahead and post today's pictures.

You were a great time October, but I'm ready for you to be over with! I won't miss your piles and piles of candy all over my house mocking my will power and turning my children into sugar monsters!! See you next year!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sometimes I hurt when He "can't"

Today the boys were riding the tricycles that Aunt Dana got them for their 2nd birthday last year. Adam has been able to coordinate the pedaling for some time now and until recently Andrew hardly showed any interest in it. Now he's decided he wants to ride the tricylce too and the past few weeks he's been getting on and off and attempting to push it into motion.

Today it just about broke my heart because he seemed to come to a realization that he "can't" do it. Not because he's too young, or too short, or isn't trying hard enough. He just physically can't coordinate the muscles and gather the strength to push the pedals forward and keep his feet on the pedals. That's not to say that he won't be able to in his own time (perhaps even tomorrow because he always surprises) but as of today he just plain "can't".

"Can't" isn't a word I really care for because it's usually used in the context of "I'm too lazy" "I'm not patient enough" "I don't want to" "I'm not willing to try hard enough". But in all sincerity I've never seen someone try so hard to do something and he just was not physically able to do it, "can't" took on a new more appropriate meaning today for someone I dearly love and it was painful.

To make matters worse, his brother, without intending to be mean, was riding laps around him at a super fast speed around and around and around while Andrew was stuck there in once place.

I attempted to help Andrew get started but he couldn't keep his feet on the pedals and he is a two year old that wants to do it "by by self" so he wouldn't let me keep helping him.

At one point when the realization hit Andrew that it wasn't going to happen, he cried out in physical agony over his situation. Ouch, I felt it deep inside as if it were me.

You might disagree or think this moment was rather insignificant but looking back I really think it's okay for him to be sad/frustrated/whatever over his limitation. So long as he doesn't wallow in self pity and he does not.

We encouraged him to keep trying and told him "You'll get there, Keep trying, Way to go!" but that didn't really seem appropriate because in fact he wasn't giving up and he did keep trying and he never once uttered the word "can't". In fact he refused to get off the trike when I called them in for dinner, unwilling to give up until he'd triumphed. But no matter how hard he tries, there will certainly be days where he just flat out "can't" and at the risk of sounding ungrateful, it really does make me ache for him.

Yes, we and he are SO fortunate, Yes we try to focus on what he "can" do, Yes he "can" do quite a lot, Yes we know he is doing more than anyone ever predicted, Yes it could be SO much worse, Yes so many other parents would love for their children to be able to do half the things Andrew is able to do.

But none of those things change the fact that his little heart and mine hurt today in that moment. And I think that's okay to say outloud. It's okay because it's his story.

Sometimes triumph is not in the "can" but the "try". And frustration, dissapointment, or sadness just makes us real and I think it would be unfair to not allow Andrew to grieve his losses so long as it doesn't become a "crutch" for him and I don't see him taking that attitude.

Andrew, even when you "can't" you always "do" make us proud!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This & That

I think I'm overdue on a general update on us. The boys are almost THREE!! I can't believe it and it will be here before we know it. Since Andrew is still in ECI (early childhood intervention through the state) he is being tested to see if he qualifies for any services through the school district. He had a full morning of testing last Friday and will have some more this coming Friday. They are testing his skills all the way across the board: cognitive, gross & fine motor, speech and sensory processing. It will be a while before we hear anything on that but I think he did pretty well, especially cognitively. He identified several letters for them that I didn't even know he could do.

He is scheduled to go back for more botox right after he turns three in December and they've ordered him new braces as he's about grown out of his current pair. They are switching his left brace from a smo to an afo which comes up higher on the leg. He is still struggling to walk long distances, go up/down stair or jump but we continue to be amazed at what God has done for Andrew. He can get around super fast when he wants to, his run is more of a trot with his right leg doing most of the moving. He sure knows how to take what he has and make the most of it! Some people that have seen him getting around without his braces wonder why he needs them but if he goes without them for long he tires quickly, his gate deteriorates, he falls often and walks on his toes.

A few funny things I want to remember them saying at this age: They love to give kisses, especially Andrew and at naptime when I've scolded for getting up before sleeping, he'll be crying and say through his tears "I wanna . . . give you . . a kiss". So sweet!

When Adam misses a basketball shot we'll tell him "Almost" or "So close". I think he has determined now that these are compliments and the other day we were talking about baseball and I asked him if he was going to play and he said enthusiastically "I'm gonna hit the ball close and almost!!!"

Potty training has brought out some funny moments. I've had to use some analogies with Adam which has lead to some embarrassing moments for me. Several times in a group of people he's announced "I need to put out a fire!!" and once when we returned from a potty trip he declared "I have a BIG fire hose!"

Gotta love sons ;-)!!

Pictures from a birthday party. Adam is getting some air!

Dressed in their new fall "Sunday Best"

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Daddy's Birthday

For daddy's birthday last weekend we enjoyed the awesome weather playing in the backyard, cooked out and then ate dinner at the kids picnic table under the playground. It was a fun memory we made!

Playground Picnic Dinner


We've had some other fun stuff this week too. All the kids wore orange to school and did pumpkin activities. Then we had a cookie decorating day with our playgroup and the kids helped me make the homeade sugar cookies.

This is my new favorite photo.
Could they be any sweeter??

Orange day at school

Halloween Cookie Decorating

Hudson & Adam were sharing laughs and playing very nicely together all day!

The kids love Miss Sarah!

All dressed up for Kenny's Birthday dinner out at the Republic