Monday, November 02, 2009

A Full Day of Specialists plus a Pumpkin Carving

Tomorrow is going to be a jam packed day at the Medical Center in Houston. Since I have to be at Texas Children's before 9am and that's crossing Houston during rush hour, I really should already be asleep because it will be an early morning. Andrew has an appointment with a PM&R doctor (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation), then I have my dermatology check up, and then we see Andrew's Orthopaedic Surgeon and then we'll have his biannual hip x-ray. Hopefully everything will run smoothly and we won't be stranded anywhere for too long.

My parents are out of town so Kenny is taking Adam to school in the morning and then my sister is picking him up and watching him until we return. I'm praying I don't need any biopsies done because I won't have anyone to sit with Andrew during that. I had some done last time and they were fine so I'm hoping I get a pass this time. Dana loaned me a single stroller since I don't have one so I can strap Andrew down, park him in the corner of the procedure room with a movie while they cut on me if I have too. But I'm praying it won't even be an issue ;-).

It will be an exhausting day for both of us but it will be nice to get all this done in one trip instead of several.

Backing up a bit to last week. We carved our very first pumpkin in the nearly 5 years that we've been married and the first also for our boys. They enjoyed watching and Adam was more than willing to dig in and help but Andrew wanted nothing to do with touching pumpkin guts. I think it turned out nice, way to go Daddy!

Adam helps with the nose

Andrew helps cut out the eye

Another fun "first" and another good memory made


Lathan, Lauren, Logan, London said...

Call me if you need help tomorrow. We'll be in the area!

And you are always welcome to stay the night here if you have early appointments...we'd love to have you guys!!!

cat said...

Wow, that is one HUGE pumpkin.

The Synnott's said...

i wish i would of seen this earlier... i am always happy to help you out when you are in houston! just let me know

looks like pumpkin carving was fun!

Anonymous said...

Hope all went well today!
Praying right now!
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Anonymous said...

Continuing to lift up prayers!
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