Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hmmm, where to start . . . . .

I guess I'll start with yesterday's marathon to Houston and back. Andrew & I left at 6am and because of traffic we just made it to our appt three hours later! The PM&R doc was very pleased with Andrew's mobility but wants to combine his botox treatments with serial casting which will all be done at Texas Childrens. The casting will be good for him and hopefully keep him from needing his heel tendons cut any time soon but they will definitely be annoying since Andrew loves to get in sand and dirt and water and splash around.

They also recommended we look into him receiving therapies at an exclusively pediatric facility, the closest of which is in the Woodlands so we will be pursuing that though driving all that ways once a week will be stressful. We've had some awesome therapists here but the doctor thinks our community doesn't have enough specialized pediatric equipment and experience with cases similar to Andrew's.

After PM&R I went to see my dermatologist where I got one the best reports in ages and didn't have to have any biopsies done so we were in & out, YIPEE!!

Next we met our friends Sarah , Payton, & Avery for a quick lunch, it was fun to see them, we miss them since they moved away!

Then we went back to the medical center to the orthopedic surgeon. He thought Andrew looked good and was happy with the plans to continue with botox/casting/braces. His leg length discrepancy hasn't improved like we hoped so they will continue to monitor that. If it should worsen he may need a procedure down the road for it but hopefully the botox will allow that leg to grow without facing so much resistance. He sent us for a hip x-ray and Andrew's hips look great, which is such a blessing! He wants to see us back in 8 months to repeat it.

After all our appts we got a special treat with a visit from our friends Hill & TJ who were passing through on a short trip home (they are living abroad). SO fun to see them!

Fast forward to today. My kids are now 2 for 2 on xrays the last two days. Not a trend that I care for. I was sitting in biblestudy this morning when I heard some crying down the hall. My kids LOVE going to the church nursery so I didn't think anything of it, assuming it was a baby wanting their mama. But then I looked up to see Adam being carried in and he was COVERED in bright red blood, all over his face. My initial fear was that he had fallen and busted out all of his fragile teeth but the sudden swelling of his nose told otherwise. He had apparently fallen off a step and didn't put his hands down to catch his fall and his nose took all the impact.

I'm thankful and amazed that his teeth were totally fine and he didn't bust up his mouth. But his poor nose look like a marble had been shoved up one side and he was bleeding profusely and could only breathe through his mouth. He told me "I . . sniff sniff . . . need . . .sniff sniff . . Tylenol", poor baby!

Our pediatrician was able to work him in and by that time he was bruising pretty badly but was in amazingly high spirits. The pedi was pretty sure it would be broken and sent us for an xray but I was relieved to learn that he just has a severe soft tissue injury and despite looking terrible there is no fracture, the septum looks good and he should be just fine. What a relief, I had these visions of him having a nose like Owen Wilson or something. Pain meds and a follow up appt are all we have to do. My little man was so brave and tough!

And then somewhere in between all that I got a call from my doctor with the results of some blood work I had done a few weeks back and learned that I have a MTHFR gene mutation which is really interesting because it's known to cause miscarriages (which I fortunately have never had before) and pregnancy complications and the doc said while it probably wasn't the exclusive reason for my preterm labor, it did play a role. Fortunately I don't have the severe form of this and now that we know how easily it is to treat it, there is no reason why we can't have another baby in the future. So going forward for any future pregnancies I have more information to help be as healthy as possible. They put me on a presciption of special vitamins plus an additional high dose folic acid because the mutation impedes the body's ability to absorb folic acid and we are actually fortunate that niether of our boys had any neural tube defects since I wasn't getting proper levels of folic acid. So if we are able to have another child someday I'll be on baby aspirin through out the pregnancy to prevent blood clots to the placenta that cause miscarriage. Interesting stuff!

Now for some pictures of my sweet Adam: I can only imagine how it'll look in the morning, probably gonna have a black eye. The bridge is so much wider than normal.

Not to be left out, Andrew said "Mama, take Andrew's picture too!" And so of course I did!

Going along with the first part on Andrew's medical update. He just got in his new braces. They changed his left foot from a smo to an afo in an attempt to maximize the effect he gets from them and help with his stability and such. It will be a pain to keep clean, makes him sweaty, and is more obvious but it will help him and that's most important.

Check out the theme this time. We have such a great orthotist. When we went in for the molding they had me select the straps and I joked that they really needed to update their selection and he told me I could bring in anything I wanted and he would make it work and so I was able to make my sweet boy smile with his cool new "Aggie braces" and I think it's safe to say his are the only pair like them in the world.

Pair Number Three & The passage of time

Anyways, I'm super exhausted! I'm going to try and keep my family from needing anymore xrays the rest of this week!


Perri said...

Wow - what a few days and so much good news in one post. So thankful Adam's nose will be fine.

And I'm gald you are able to get the best care for Andrew (and willing to do it)

And very happy that you will be able to carry another baby because these boys would be GREAT big brothers!

Crystal said...

I read through your post too quickly and I thought you were saying you ARE pregnant! :O)

Your boys are so cute!

Andi said...

Poor Adam! Glad he will be okay!

And ditto to momma, so glad you can get Andrew everything he needs. What a blessing he has in two loving parents!

And VERY excited about your testing, both for your skin and your genes. Good news all around!

Emma, Georgia, Erica & Daniel said...

You are such an amazing Mommy..busy lives for all of you!! Hope Adam feels OK today..and you should definitely try for that little girl! ;)

Carter and Addie's Mommy said...

Girl we are TOO much alike in our health issues! I have PCOS and the MFTHR gene/APA issues/blood clotting issues too!

When I was pregnant with the twins, I was on a baby aspirin daily, plus Heparin injections twice a day. I swear, I think PCOS/Preterm labor/and MFTHR are all coorelated and connected somehow. Just be careful because I was on this therapy with the twins and I STILL had them way too early!

Marilyn said...

So glad to hear all the good news...but so sorry that Adam took a face plant! Give hugs and kisses to A & A for us! Love, Marilyn

6 Monkeys and Me said...

Poor little guy - Glad it isn't broken.