Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas with Ganny & Pa

Christmas afternoon we headed to the ranch to have Christmas with Ganny, Pa, my brother & his family and my sister and her family. We lucked out and had beautiful weather! This was a blessing because Granny surprised all the kids with an assortment of ride on toys that will stay at the ranch for them to use when they come to visit.

Adam hopped right on a big plastic 4 wheeler and took off like he was 16. The serious look on his face made me a bit uneasy! I kept trying to keep him in low gear but he insisted on "going wheeely fast". Next time I'll bring our bike helmets out. Even though these are all plastic battery operated toys, they sure look a lot like the real thing. Andrew was a bit overwhelmed by so many screeching vehicles whirling around that he spent most of the time in my arms or riding in the wagon.

Us kids got my dad and Wii and Beatles Rock Band so we all had a fun time playing the drums, guitar and singing. Adam especially took to the microphone, I couldn't get him to put it down. He takes everything so seriously, it's a hoot. Even Granny got in on the Wii action.

Cute Cousins in Red

Waiting with anticipation for their surprise!

I told them to cover their eyes, notice how Andrew covered his mouth, LOL!

Cutie Pie Kate

He's supposed to still be two?

Luke & Adam

Kids & Cars Everywhere! Notice how Andrew is about to dive out of the wagon behind Granny's back (it's not actually moving)

Ganny & Pa with their brood of little ones

Our Annual Family Self Timer Portrait 2009, it came out pretty good this year!

Time for More Presents!!

Lauren got a karaoke machine and it was a big hit with all the kids. Andrew was so cute and shy with the mike.

Adam was all business

Lauren 6 going on 16

Trying out their bounce back racers

Time for the Beatles in Concert

Lauren & Pa sing a duet

Andrew loved playing with the babies

Adam was Lauren's singing sidekick all day

The arm motion cracks me up!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Morning

This year we spent Christmas morning in our home for the first time since we've been married so it was very special for our little family. We had both sets of grandparents and a few aunt and uncles on hand to enjoy the memories with us. Since this is the first year the boys really "get" the concept of Santa, it was extra exciting! The looks of anticipation and joy on their faces made the day something I'll never forget.

I think Santa may have got my twins confused with someone else's because they sure got a nice pile of loot considering their naughtiness here lately. I guess Santa is pretty forgiving.

They went straight for the tractors!

It didn't take Adam two seconds to hop on and drive away through the living room!

Andrew is more cautious and he does things at his own pace

Then they noticed this giant present, what could it be??

Kota the Triceratops!

This air hockey table has been a HUGE hit! Did you know even Santa likes to find great deals at Tuesday Morning?

Where do these arrows lead?

What's out there Daddy?

"It's a gingerbread house for me!" Andrew shouted!

"It's just like yours Pa"

At this point he finally got the nerve to sit on it for a bit but wasn't quite ready to hit the pedals (the battery powered sound these make sets of his raging sensory issues and we can't force him on these, he has to go in his own small steps)

Peepaw was coaching the air hockey battle

Shawn, Dana, & Santa Ben joined us for breakfast

Checking out the contents of their stockings

Our Family Christmas Morning Picture 2009

Testing the tractors outside

Daddy offering some encouragement

Just sitting on it made Andrew happy and proud. He LOVES his tractor whether or not he ever drives it and that's fine by me so long as he's happy (but he'll get there I'm sure)

"We're workin' Mama!"

Christmas Morning was everything I hoped it would be!

More to come . . . . . . . . .