Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Time Fun

With the boys birthday and all Andrew's medical stuff, I'm a bit behind in posting all the FUN stuff we've been up to during December. Christmas Time with three year olds has been nothing short of magical! This is the best age because they finally get it but are still too young to be overcome by the marketing and materialism out there. They love to read about baby Jesus and to play with their Little People Nativity Set, though I can't seem to keep our dogs from chewing off the arms and noses off all the pieces. "Kelsey stop eating the Virgin Mary" is something I've strangely yelled out way too many times the last few days.

We decorated the outside of our house for the first time since I was a little kid. I've never gotten into Christmas as much as I have this year, it's SO fun when you have little ones around. The kids LOVE the lights and I love to hear Andrew say "Looky Looky it's my Christmas Lights!!" every time we drive up to the house.

Decorating Christmas Cookies

Red Icing NOT Bright Red Lipstick, I promise!

Going to a basketball game, I LOVE these sweaters and hats!

Mister Serious Aggie

The day of the boys party was super busy. We started off at Breakfast with Santa which is a fundraiser for the kids school and one of the most fun events we've participated in. I'm pretty sure this will become an annual tradition

The kids all wore cute Christmas Pajamas and enjoyed crafts and a yummy breakfast plus a visit with the Jolly Old Elf.

This was one of the best Santa's I've ever seen, the kids were very brave and enjoyed meeting him. When he asked what they wanted, they told him a "John Deere Tractor and an air hockey table". I may have planted the tractor seed in their minds but they came up with the air hockey table all on their own after visiting their friend Mason's house.

Adam's new Cheesy Smile

They loved playing in and decorating this gingerbread house

Our play group with Santa

And then to top off our busy day, after the boys birthday party we went straight to Baby Greyson's first birthday party where they got to see Santa again. The boys were a bit confused after that, thinking that Santa was their friend they hang out with all the time lol! ;-)

Balloons on the trampoline was super fun!

Back home after three separate parties, Adam & Andrew had fun hanging out with Aunt Amy & Uncle Stevie and opening their gifts from them.

I'm exhausted just posting about all that Christmas fun! I'm glad I have this all documented so A&A can't ever say their Mama never did anything fun with them when they were little!

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