Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas with Gammaw & Peepaw

On Christmas Eve we celebrated Christmas with Gammaw, Peepaw, Amy & Stevie (aka Daddy's side of our family). We had a big yummy dinner and then we opened presents. The boys have gotten really good at opening gifts and they get really excited. Their favorite part is being allowed to tear stuff up I think!

This next one is a bit graphic ;-). Andrew came to me and said he put his duck in the tub and I didn't think too much about it except for the smirk on his face so I asked him to show me, I never expected to find this:

The guys had all gone duck hunting that morning and had an ice chest full of ducks in the garage, I can't believe Andrew went out there and brought a dead duck into the house and put it in the bathtub. At least he didn't fill the tub up for it to swim in and thankfully he told me before one our guests got an unexpected surprise!

Gammaw & Peepaw with their Grandkids

Gammaw & Amy helped finish out the boys' gingerbread village

Since Amy has been super busy finishing up law school the boys cherish every moment they have with her.

Waiting to open presents

Our Annual Self Timer Family Photo

Day 24 on the Advent Calendar at Last!

Putting out cookies for Santa before going to bed

After the boys were asleep I heard some commotion outside and spotted some of santa's camo clad elves delivering the new club house

Thanks to Santa's elves for doing such a great job building this new club house, it looks like a lot of work!

More to come . . . . . . .

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