Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Little Bruisers

Adam & Andrew truly do love each other and they are in a phase right now where in true manly style, they are expressing their love for each other with physical play including wrestling, fighting, chasing and tackling. Such Boys! I never expected to hear Andrew yelling out "Adam, Adam! Come fight with me!!" LOVELY!

The biggest problem is that they get carried away and before I can stop them someone has gotten hurt and then will take out their anger by scratching or punching the other. Then there are tears and discipline and one tired and frustrated Mama. This goes on and on all day and I'm not quite sure how to curb or redirect this rowdiness. Their behavior has nearly gotten them tossed from the nursery too which is not cool. I love that they LOVE each other and have such a deep brotherly twin bond but I'm worn out! They both look like they've been running through the woods because their faces are covered in scratches and bumps. .

Ohhhhhh the joys of mothering boys!

They found a box and I soon heard "Come get in my boat Adam and fish with me!"

Pizza Party Time! The guys had fun making a pizza for dinner with Daddy.

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Anonymous said...

Kinda hard convincing anyone that your boys are beating each other up when they're sitting there so cute just playing nicely together! :o)
And Chef Boyardee pizza?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't think they even MADE it anymore! It's my very, very favorite all time pizza!!!!!!! Enjoy it for me! My mouth is watering and drooling all over my keyboard!
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