Friday, February 12, 2010

A Little Crafty

I am so not artistic or crafty or anything of the hands on creative kind, I couldn't sew a button on to save my life. But my sister recently taught me how to use the embroidery machine that our mom got for Christmas from dad. It is SO much fun and it's going to really curb my etsy addiction now that we can do a lot of this stuff at home.

Here are Valentine's shirts Dana made for all the kids, they are SO cute! I'm so excited because I have been unable to find a boys shirt that is cute and didn't say something dumb. Can you believe she only learned to applique this week??

These next two I made for some of my friends new babies. Appliqued the design and cute fabric onto a regular onesie and then embroidered on top of it.

Then I monogrammed some hand towels for the boys bathroom

Pretty Cute for my very first projects! I can't wait to do more!


Lynn said...

Wow! You're good! Everything looks great!
Praying in Seattle!
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Perri said...

A LITTLE Crafty. WOW!!!! Interested in hiring out your skills? Let me know!

Erica, Daniel, Emma & Georgia said...

Oh I am so envious.. I love monogrammed..that is a great gift idea for my dad to get my mom (or me)..I wouldn't know what to do, but maybe you could tutor me by then!! Cute stuff!! Miss ya'll!

Drew and Emily said...

What kind of machine did you use? Those are awesome.