Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Andrew's Amazing Progress

God has been so faithful to us, I have no words to express my debt of gratitude for my TWO healthy boys.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Disney Day 2

On Tuesday we woke up and after eating breakfast in our room, we dressed in our coordinating vacation shirts that Gammaw got us and our Mouse Ears and then took the Monorail to Epcot. Everyone else in Disney World decided to go to Epcot on the same day and it was SO packed but we still got to do everything on our must do list.

The boys looked so cute like little Mickey Mouse Club members

Enjoying the nice weather on our back porch

The Monorail was one of the boys' favorite rides ;-)

A flower festival was going on at Epcot so there were lots of Topiaries and flowers and such

The first thing we did was ride Soarin, which makes you feel like you are flying. It was really cool. One of my favorite things about Epcot was that they were not as strict on the height requirement so the boys got to come on Soarin with us and they really liked it too.

Next we road a fun ride called The Seas with Nemo & Friends, the boys loved that of course!

Then we ate lunch at the Coral Reef which has a giant aquarium so we could watch the sharks and sting rays while we ate.

After lunch we went over and road Test Track which is a really fun ride where you get to be a Crash Dummy in a car that's being pushed to the limit. Again, Adam & Andrew were permitted to join us and so all 6 of us got to ride in one car together. This ride was pretty exciting but the kids did great.

After that we did Spaceship Earth in the big ball

Andrew and I , LOL

Afterwards we decided to head back to the room so the boys could get a good nap since we were going to have a late night.

After naps and changing into dressier clothes we took a cab to Downtown Disney to watch Cirque du Soleil's La Nouba

Considering it was pretty long and not really geared for young children, the boys did pretty well during the show.

Afterwards we took a cab back to the Contemporary Resort for our dinner reservation at the California Grill which is on the top floor of the hotel. Since we were on a dining plan we wanted to take advantage of it and we definitely got our money's worth. This dinner was AMAZING and I would definitely recommend it. A bonus to our dinner was that they have an outdoor catwalk where you can go out and watch the Magic Kingdom Fireworks while the coordinating music plays. It was breathtaking!

Our dining plan included dessert with every meal so we had a hard time passing that up!

Andrew Approved!

After, we just about licked the plates clean!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Disney Day 1

We had an absolute blast during the boys first ever trip to Disney World. I'm going to go into a lot of details on our trip as a record for us so feel free to just enjoy the pictures ;-).

Our flight departed Monday morning from IAH at 7:25 am. Since we had to be at the airport by 6am we came down Sunday night and stayed at a hotel and then met Aunt Amy and Gammaw at the airport. We were SO blessed that they were willing and able to join us on our adventure. It made the trip extra special and was so helpful to have extra hands!

We left so early intentionally so that we would have enough time to go to the park the day we arrived. We stayed at the Bay Lake Towers at the Contemporary Resort. This is a brand new condo building that's part of the Disney Vacation Club. We got a great deal since we "won" the accommodations in a silent auction fundraiser for the kids school. Everything about Bay Lake was perfect. We had a full kitchen, w/d, 2 full bathrooms and it was a short walk to Magic Kingdom or to the monorail to transfer to the other parks. We went to the grocery store and so we had plenty of snacks and breakfast foods in our room.

After dropping off our bags and putting away cold groceries we headed to Magic Kingdom. The boys were SO excited, as were the rest of us. Disney gave us a special tag for our stroller that allowed it to be treated as a wheel chair since Andrew was in his cast and in general cannot walk long distances. I can't say enough good things about how nice and accommodating everyone at Disney was for Andrew's situation and for all people with health or physical challenges. They deserve lots of praises!

I can't tell you how much this impacted our trip, we were able to wheel our stroller right up to all the rides' load/unloading areas via a wheelchair ramp instead of having to park it outside and carry him through all the lines. The attendants would see Andrew and then put us almost immediately on the rides so we didn't spend really any time waiting and never needed to use the fast pass system. It was such an wonderful and unexpected blessing in so many ways, but now us adults got so spoiled I'm not sure we can go back again as the regular people that we are, LOL.

We couldn't have picked a better time to go, weather wise. It was beautiful and pleasant!

The very first character the boys met was THE Buzz Lightyear!

Adam of course went right up to him with no fear!

Andrew warmed up quicker than I expected and they were both so excited to meet their hero!

After meeting Buzz we rode the Buzz Lightyear ride where you get to shoot a laser at targets and it calculates a score. This was Daddy's favorite, if you can imagine!

Next we drove race cars at the Tomorrowland Speedway. The boys got to do the driving and they are still talking about it!

Of course we had to do the Teacups! This was fun for everyone. Andrew is still asking me where "Wonderland Allison" is, too funny!

I love this picture of Adam, he was having a blast!

By this point the boys were really getting into the whole "ride" thing and as soon as we were done they would shout "I wanna ride a NUTHER ride Mama!"

Dumbo was by far Andrew's most favorite ride and he insisted that only the Purple Dumbo would do, I guess to match his purple cast ;-)

Then we rode Snow White's Scary Ride, which terrified Adam since the witch is pretty scary and it was very dark in there. He buried his head in my chest for that one. But the Winnie the Pooh Ride and Peter Pan's Flight were big hits with everyone!

We then took a break from rides and watched Mickey's Philharmagic 3d show. This was pretty cool, the boys were so into it they managed to keep their glasses on the whole time.

Our big event of the evening was dinner at Cinderella's Castle with all the princesses. Now when I booked this Kenny really gave me a hard time since we have two boys but us grown up "princesses" didn't want to miss it ;-). And besides, the boys had an absolute blast. They LOVED the beautiful princesses that in their minds were the REAL deal and they loved all the attention the princesses gave them.

Cinderella was wonderful with them! She was everyone's favorite.

She told them "Someday you'll find your very own princesses =-)"

Who doesn't love an evening in a castle?

Check out how skinny Kenny looks in this one! I'm so proud of my man!

The boys were presented with swords which was to them the coolest thing EVER. These didn't last long before mama and daddy had to remove them. "I can't sword you Gammaw, I can't!" Adam said, lol.

Next up was Snow White and she was precious. The boys really liked her and there was a lot of kissing action going on during this meet and greet, haha.

Too funny!

After that was Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. This chick must be new because she was not very friendly. She was like the Vienna of princesses.

Ariel was sort of awkward with the kids but they didn't seem to care

But Belle was sweet and the boys both made sure to show her their strong muscles

After dinner we made a trip through the obligatory "Small World" Ride, that dang song is stuck in my head again just from typing that.

For the last ride of the day we all did the Haunted Mansion for Aunt Amy. It was fun and the boys were so brave! They kept telling me "It's pretend Mama"

The boys loved seeing the castle all lit up for night time.

We finished off our productive and fun first day with an up close viewing of the SpectroMagic Parade and oh my did the boys love this! It was beautiful and a great way to end the evening.

After the parade we were all so tired from our long day that we skipped the fireworks and went straight back to the room and crashed.

What a fantastic day we had at the Magic Kingdom!!