Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mother & Son Day

Dearest Adam & Andrew,
I don't want to ever hear you say that your mother didn't love you enough or never took you anywhere fun as a child. Your best friends' mothers and I took all of you boys to the racetrack to a Mother & Son night out. Had it not been scheduled during a flash flood it would have been great fun for all. However, you and your friends still had a blast while us moms walked around like drenched rats. If there is anything in the world I can't stand, it's being soaked, especially when wearing blue jeans. There is just something about the way jeans stick to my legs that makes me absolutely crazy.

That however is neither here nor there. I had fun in the downpour, in spite of my discomfort, because seeing you smile and the faces you make as you enjoy exploring your world, makes it all worth it to me. There is nothing that warms my soul quite like spending time with my sons and seeing them in true wonderment.
First up, hot dogs under the pavilion


Soaked but Happy

I'm thankful that I grabbed the boys raincoats, at least their arms were still dry after all the puddle splashing, even if nothing else was.

I'll definitely have some memories to keep from this event (even if they are soggy)!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was very special! This year all the guys in our family were very smart and catered an amazing lunch and dessert for us moms so we didn't have lift a finger! It's certainly nice as a Mom to feel appreciated for all the hard work we put in, but for Me personally, Mother's Day is more a day for me to count my blessings and reflect on all the Lord has given to me in my precious twin boys. I would never ever have chosen the path of infertility that we walked but without it, I likely wouldn't be mothering double blessings and I wouldn't appreciate nearly as much just how grateful I am to be a mom!

Two 3 year old boys mastering the art of Ipad

If you think I got that for Mother's Day, you'd be mistaken, I WISH!

Aunt Rachel Reading the Comics

Gorgeous Kate

A Boat Ride with Daddy

"Can you snuggle with me Mama?"

Clones, these two are!

I LOVE my Adam!

The fish were biting like crazy at the boat house

"I'm workin' so hard Mama"

Andrew got some great PT walking back
and forth across the wobbly jet dock

Good Balance Practice!

Cane Pole Fishing with Minnows is our Favorite!

Nice Catch Adam!

We caught fish after fish from this honey hole

*Save this next photo in your memory and then read my story down below*

Time for a Ranger Ride Guys!

Oh how I love him!

And him!

*Notice how his clothes changed from earlier?*

And she's not technically mine but I love her too!

And I even love this dirty old Kelsey dog, but not when she shakes her mud off on me! *more on her later too*

So sweet!

Adam & Andrew's long awaited dream to ride in Big John with Pa finally came true on Mother's Day. They've talked about this tractor for a year, cried for it on several occasions, and at last the day arrived when they got the chance to climb 8 feet up into the air and ride in this behemoth tractor.

Fortunately it has a door that latches and a passenger seat complete with seat belts!

And they're off!

Thanks Pa, You're the best!

Is that a big tire or what?

What a fun and special day! Time to watch Snow White, the boys current favorite movie (& Bailey's too) and hit the road!

**Okay so back to that photo I said to mark in your memory. Notice the gap in the floor/dock around that column behind the boys? Not two minutes after I took that picture did Adam silently step backwards off into that hole, without so much as a scream or a whimper or anything and although there were 4-5 adults present not ONE of us saw it happen. His arms were pinned down by his sides and he was unable to grab on to anything. I just happened to spot him out of the corner of my eye and I flew over and plucked him out. Although he was totally drenched and terrified, Praise God he was fine.

Notice how he has on a life jacket, without it this story would have ended much differently and I shudder to even imagine it.

We fish every so often in the boat house and never used to put life jackets on the kids because We were right there with them and everyone thinks that hole is too small to fall in because the column is there to grab on to. But then about a month ago my dog Kelsey fell into that exact hole and got trapped under the dock and we nearly lost her before our eyes. Needless to say that episode had a big impact on us and we made it our policy for our kids to always wear life jackets near the lake regardless of how brief or how supervised they were down there.

So please I beg you to consider putting life jackets on your little ones around pools and lakes this summer. 88% of all kids that perish in recreational drownings were supervised by at least one adult and only 3% of them were wearing life jackets.

I'm so thankful that Kelsey fell into that hole before Adam did and I'm so grateful for God's protection.

Have a safe and fun summer!!