Friday, June 25, 2010

Fathers Day!!

I've been imagining a special Father's Day surprise in my mind for a several months and then a few weeks ago I made some secret phone calls and emails and set the whole thing into motion in reality. For literally a year or more my husband has researched and troved the internet looking at a particular type of ATV that in his mind he just had to have. All the while I'd held pretty firm with the Heck No, No Way, we don't need that!

Well you can imagine his utter disbelief when we pulled into our driveway on Friday night and he opened the garage to find this little beauty parked inside.

Can you see the child like joy on this man's face??

Oh boy, we're gonna be in trouble because Adam & Andrew, think it belongs to them! Hopefully we can keep them from figuring out where the key is hidden inside the house.

On Father's Day Sunday we went to the ranch after church for lunch and took a long Sunday nap before doing some swimming. Somehow I missed picture taking on actual Father's Day but the boys wore shirts as their gift to Daddy that we made that said Daddy's Fishing Buddy with their name on it and a big fish. We are blessed to have such a good Daddy in our lives!

And here are some photos Adam took while we were all just snuggling together.

Self Portrait, check out those eyes!

What are you lookin' at?

This is one of about 40 pictures Adam took of Andrew playing games on my phone. Exciting stuff people! I'll spare you the rest!

Hope all the Fathers out there enjoyed their special day. Our extended family is blessed to have so many wonderful Daddies in it, we love all of you!! or as Adam was saying to everyone
"Happy Fodders Day!!!"

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