Thursday, June 03, 2010

Twins Zoo Field Trip & Last Day of School

I'm SO behind on updating the blog. Life is hectic, don't you know! A few weeks back we decided to take a twins road trip to our favorite Cameron Park zoo. Three sets of twins, one bonus toddler, three mamas, and two extra sets of hands. We had the place to ourselves and some really nice weather so we had a super fun day!

Not that you asked but I'm still loving my Sienna. We had two sets of twins, one brave cousin, and two mamas in addition to two double strollers and we didn't even need the bonus 8th jump-seat and everyone was comfortable! I now wish I'd gotten this when I first had the twins. Hindsight is 20/20 right?!

Coincidently each set of twins wore a different primary color, which made keeping up with everyone very simple.

Check out that Giraffe!

For some strange reason there is a tiny stream that runs in front of this indoor aquarium. Our kids of course turned it into their own indoor splash pad.

Like I said, good thing we had this place to ourselves!

This zoo was totally designed with young children in mind with so many different play areas, our crew was constantly exploring.

These baby jaguars have grown a lot since we saw them in March! So adorable!


The boys had their last day of preschool and that included a little end of the year program. They had such a fun school year with so many friends in their class and great teachers. It was sad to say goodbye!

Waiting to go into the sanctuary

It's hard to tell but this is a picture of Adam from the slide show

This one is Andrew

The two year olds singing the bumble bee song

A & A really got into the song =-)

The boys and their great teachers Miss Andrea & Miss Sara

They wanted to trade places for the next one

On the way home from school. My happy boy, I can't believe how old he looks here!


Anonymous said...

So...looks like sometimes Andrew has to wear something on his leg but sometimes he's free?
Praying in Seattle!
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Carey said...

Awesome photos!