Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Teeter Totter

Since every member of our family was in Colorado at once we had a really full house (four couples plus kids) and so the boys shared our room with us. This year they were too big for the cribs they normally sleep in so we had to get a little creative with sleeping arrangements. Here they are in their shared bed which was a cushioned window seat with a roll away rolled up against it, fortunately they were the exact same height. Then we tried to separate them with pillows under the sheets. They don't normally share a bed so this was quite a challenge to get them to leave each other alone and sleep!

They are soooo sweet when they are asleep

One day we drove over to West Vail to check out a park that we've never visited before. It was really serene and beautiful and the kids had so much fun, especially on the teeter totter.

Check out the lush green grass!

Andrew LOVED the teeter totter!

Andrew always goes down feet first, on his belly
There he goes!

This thing made me super nervous, I was worried Adam would stand up before he made it to the top and tumble down backwards.

I was SO proud to see Andrew conquer this!

Adam's turn


More teeter-tottering, this time with the cousins

I love this one of Adam & Luke

This new style of merry go round was lots of fun

We had lots of fun Exploring

Monday, July 26, 2010

Splash Pad Fun

Comparing tongues with Cousin Ben

Eyeing the splash pad during lunch

Time for the Fun!

Ben LOVED the fountain and was by far the bravest and wettest of the kids

Love This!

Super Wet & Super Fun!