Thursday, July 22, 2010

To the top

Backing way up here, before all the July 4th festivities we had a few days of fun family time while Kenny was with us in Colorado. One day we went over to Vail with my brother's family and spent time at the top of the mountain.

Gondola Ride

Such a great view!

Self timer portrait


Trying out the balance cords

It was chilly up there, I'm glad I brought their rain coats

Waiting for the Bunjee Trampoline

Adam getting suited up

And he's off

For the first time ever, Andrew decided he was ready for a try.
Love this smile!

Adam getting major air

Getting instructions

A little apprehensive


Whoa Mom you are getting further away!

Adam coming in for a landing


Bean Bag Toss

Group Photo

Down Down Down the mountain

These pictures aren't great but I had to capture this moment. Andrew riding a bike for the first time ever!

Even with the training wheels, this was quite a feat for him on so many levels. He had been terrified of getting on because he felt very unstable and shaky. It was very hard for him to push the pedals all the way around. But Andrew was so determined and he accomplished his goal to pedal the big boy bike all the way around the driveway.

I'm so proud of him! Maybe we'll have to get them bikes for their next birthday.


Mountain Girl said...

Do the gondolas have plexiglass around them or are they "open air"? Congrats Andrew for doing the trampoline and riding a bike! AWESOME!!!

Adam and Andrew said...

Definitely thick plexiglass or we wouldn't have let the kids stand up on the seats like that or we probably would have not even gotten on, Kenny is terrified of heights!

Anonymous said...

Loved looking at the pics! Bestest ones...Andrew riding the bike!
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lacey_hammerlun said...

i love love love cowboy boots on little boys...ADORABLE!!! :)Great Job Andrew!!

Whitney said...

Such great pictures - makes me want to vacation in Colorado!

I am just catching up on your blog and read your post about your last IVF cycle. I can only imagine the heartbreak you found in that negative. We still struggle with the decision to have more kids (we also have snowbabies) and I wish you the best in your next cycle if you decide to proceed. It is such an emotional experience.