Monday, September 06, 2010

Monster Trucks!

Princess dresses, tea parties and ballet? Not in this house!
We recently took the boys to their first monster truck rally. It was local and pretty small scale but Adam & Andrew thought it was the coolest thing ever. Andrew was especially sensitive to the sound/vibrations and he would shake all over every time they revved the engines but he just could not look away from the action. The boys don't know it but we skipped out at intermission "Oh darn, it's over already!" And before we were even strapped into our seats Andrew said "Can we go to the monster truck show AGAIN?" Another fun day with our precious boys!


Lynn said...

Those are some trucks!
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Team Tanneberger said...

Ha ha ha. My nephew did that last year for his birthday. Boys..all boy!

Allison said...

Hilarious! I've been meaning to ask how that was. Next year we are IN!