Friday, September 17, 2010


Some random photos from my iphone taken recently.

After having it packed away for a long time we recently pulled the Bouncy House back out and it's been a huge hit, I love how at this age things are totally new again once they've been out of sight for a while.

It's especially fun when Daddy gets in on the action!

This was one morning before school. They were "doing their stretches like Mr. Jerrod"

Then they would charge and run as fast as they could into each other, laugh hysterically and then start over again.


Crystal said...

I love your blog. I had 24 wkr twins a year ago... I emailed you for advice. They are doing great by the way :)
I just love seeing how they are doing! It's so inspiring!
God bless
Crystal :)

Adam and Andrew said...

Thanks Crystal! So glad to hear your babies are doing great!!!