Sunday, October 31, 2010

Two Little Giraffes

On Friday we attended our neighborhood Trick or Treat event. It took place through the "haunted woods" which was one of the nature trails decorated and neighbors dressed in costumes and passed out candy to the kids and then they brought us back on a hay ride.

This year the boys were giraffes and I LOVED seeing them in their furry little costumes with the padded bottoms and tails. Too cute!

Ben was an adorable fire fighter

These faces crack me up!

Time to Trick or Treat!

They didn't know what to think about the spooky costumes

"What ARE you????"

Hay Ride Fun

Ben liked this "pop pop"

Candy Smile

He did not want to give it up!

Then we went by Mimi's halloween party, I've never seen such a swarm of kids going for pinata loot

Free for All

We've got way too much candy in this house and this was just the beginning!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Road Trip!

Last weekend we had such a blast on our Aggie road trip to Dallas. We stayed at the awesome Great Wolf Lodge and went to the Cowboys Stadium for the Aggie/Arkansas game.

Plugged in with a snack for the drive

Andrew loves his "eat-fins"

The boys were immediately transfixed by the water park

We had the coolest room which had a kids' cabin inside it with bunk beds and windows and a kids tv just for the boys. They were so excited!

We let them visit the top but since there were two lower beds we didn't let either of them sleep up there. Maybe next time!

The had to test out their beds. The one below the bunk they named the "house bed" since it had a roof =-)

Hey Mama look at us in our house!

Andrew said "I'm going to sleep in my log cabinet" (that cracks me up, especially considering the family business)

We quickly changed into swim suits and headed for the water park. This is the perfect water park for me since I have to be so careful in the sun, I didn't have to constantly worry about covering up and loading up on sunscreen which made the trip much more enjoyable!

The giant bucket was dumping out directly behind us in this photo, thus the expression on my face and Andrew looking over his shoulder in fear!

The boys loved shooting the water cannons from the jetskis

Water slides! We started off on the kiddie ones

Go Adam!

Go Andrew!

Afterwards we all went and rode the ones by the giant bucket but I didn't take my camera because it would have gotten soaked. Adam wanted to go again and again but Andrew needed some encouraging. His sensory issues were majorly overloaded but we were proud of him for going down the big slide.

Pa & Kate

We then got dressed to go eat at Pappasito's!

When we got back we watched some Magic Quest which is a neat clue type game for bigger kids with a Magic Wand that activates different things like interactive treasure chests and talking portraits and such. Pretty cool!

The talking trees and singing native american show comes on throughout the day and there is a pajama story time every night at 8pm.

The next morning we got up and enjoyed a very kid friendly breakfast buffet

Then it was back to the water park where the big folks took turns enjoying the more treacherous water slides. I enjoyed getting to ride the Tornado Tube slide with my parents and sister and hearing everyone scream and then doing it over again with Kenny, Dana, and Shawn. Very fun!

Then it was time to clean up and head to the big game. Last year we didn't take the kids, fortunately because we had to walk about a mile and half to the stadium from where our bus dumped us out and then it poured on us as we ran back after the game, it was miserable. This year we were blessed to sit in a box that had room for the kids to wiggle around so they got to go too and we were able to park super close, which was a life saver!

Check out these seats, Jerry Jones knows how to do it right!

I don't know what's going on in this picture but I love Ben's face!

The boys were so excited that Steve and Amy came too!

Aggie Family

Singing the National Anthem, so sweet!

Ben took a really nice snooze!

All the cousins in the matching overalls we made for them

The game was pretty good until we lost it at the end =-(. A win would have been the only thing that would have made this weekend any better.

After the game the boys got to go trick or treating back at the hotel

Afterwards my parents took the kids to dinner at the hotel with the rest of the family while we went out for a peaceful grown up dinner with Steve & Amy, very nice!

The boys recieved wolf ears at dinner which they then wore all day Sunday. Here they are prowling down the hall on the way to breakfast howling like wolves ;-)

After breakfast it was time to load up and head back home. Pa came up with the fun idea to give each grandkid a wolf to remember the weekend by. This was a huge hit with my boys and they've slept with them every night since!

Andrew & Wolfie

Adam & Lafitte

This trip was so much fun, we will never forget it! If you've been thinking about visiting the Great Wolf Lodge you should definitely go for it! Such a cool place!