Sunday, November 07, 2010

Trick or Treat!

On Halloween we went trick or treating with all the cousins. We had Officer Luke, Giraffe Andrew, Minnie Mouse Kate, Fire Chief Ben, Peacock Lauren, and Giraffe Adam. What a cute bunch!

And Granny Clown!

The kids were eager to go to the first house

The lady at this house answered with a scary mask on and Andrew turned sharply and high tailed it out of there, nearly flying off the end of the porch. Poor baby would barely go to the next house he was so terrified.

After so many houses my little giraffes were getting tired, they could barely carry their heavy candy buckets any further.

My brother's family

Our little foursome

Time to hit the loot!

Candy Daze


What a fun night!


Anonymous said...

Still adorable!
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Anonymous said...

Know that I'm still here praying for your family!
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