Monday, December 13, 2010

4th Birthday Part 1

The boys turned 4 on a Wednesday and our awesome babysitter Courtney came over and brought them each a very fun Spiderman Fishing Pole. They were in heaven!

Courtney is moving this week and I'm going to be so depressed. The boys absolutely love her (she is one of the only people that can get them to take naps!) and she's been a lifesaver for me, keeping Adam every Wednesday while I take Andrew to therapy in Houston. She also helped me out a ton this semester, watching the boys while I was driving to and from Houston for numerous doctor appts every week.  We're going to miss you SO much!!

Kenny & I decided to take the boys to Chuck E Cheese for some fun since their party wasn't until Saturday. Granny& Pa and the cousins all met us up there.

Andrew is no longer scared of people in costumes (Disney World cured him of several phobias!)

Driving the snowmobiles is his favorite thing to do there

Time for a few presents!!

The joy on this child's face below is because he received his much beloved mini-kota that he had been visiting on the shelf in Target for weeks.  We got the life-size version last year which was cool but took up way too much room and the kids never seemed to play with it. So bad mommy that I am, I sold him on craigslist for nearly what I paid for him and I intended for the transfer to happen while the boys were at school but unfortunately it didn't work out that way and to my shock Andrew became quite depressed, sobbing that he missed his Kota. (I think if it had happened out of sight, they would never have noticed). So long story short I convinced him that a mini kota would be even better because he could sleep with it and it could ride in the car with us everywhere.  AND, I was RIGHT! He's played with mini kota 1,000 x's more than he ever played with big Kota. And hopefully he won't require too much therapy from this childhood trauma that I inflicted upon him ;-).

Adam was pleased as well!

Superhero Capes

On Thursday we had a birthday party for them at school. At this school the parents are very involved in the party so I got to enjoy seeing the boys with their peers.

They wore the spiderman birthday shirts that I made for them on our heat-press, turned out pretty cute I think.

Fancy Food: in addition to the birthday cookies, the school asks that we provide healthy options as well, so grapes and cheese cubes it was.

Their teachers made each of them a special crown

They looked so cute and they were so proud of themselves

Then they turned off the lights and presented them with candles and their treats along with the Happy Birthday song. This was done individually so they each had their special moment. 

It was really fun and they definitely felt special

Me with my birthday boys

I can't put exactly my finger on it but I just love their school, there is just something really magical about the atmosphere, like they've really captured what childhood is all about and it just doesn't come through in these pictures but I see it in my boys faces every time they light up just talking about "big boy school". 

The boys and their awesome teachers Mrs. F and Mrs. A

I also learned that during chapel that morning they were called to the front and received a special birthday blessing, being Presbyterian I have no idea what that means but it sounds sweet ;-). 

I think the boys enjoyed all the attention they got this week. Probably a little overboard but I figure since they have to share their special day we should make it memorable. Plus I want to enjoy these precious moments with my children while they are small because I know they are growing up way too fast.


Anonymous said...

I still can't believe they're 4 already! Not sure what a mini kota or a big kota is but doesn't sound like Andrew's going to need therapy. Thrilled that he's over some phobias! It's so hard seeing children being afraid of things.
Praying in Seattle!
Psalms 62:5-7 My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him. He only is my rock and my salvation: he is my defence; I shall not be moved. In God is my salvation and my glory: the rock of my strength, and my refuge, is in God.
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Whitney said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet boys. It is amazing how far they have come. I know you are one proud mama!